Popular Folk Music
These popular folks tunes come from all around the world. They are trebel clef tunes suitable for fiddle, flute, trumpet, clarinet, or any other treble solo instrument.
  1. Eileen O'Riordan's Midi

  2. Unknown Midi

  3. Camptown Races Midi

  4. The Game Cock Midi

  5. Alfred Pa Hultet Midi

  6. Bela Rada Midi

  7. Blind Mary Midi

  8. Clare Polka Midi

  9. Clare Polka Midi

  10. Croppie's March Midi

  11. Mrs. Crowley's Midi

  12. The Pigeon On The Gate Midi

  13. The Roundabout Midi

  14. Huhtikuun Polkka Midi

  15. Lokakunn Polkka Midi

  16. Nurmisen's Polka Midi

  17. Itele Midi

  18. Mark Quinn's Midi

  19. The Galway Belle Midi

  20. The Barren Rocks Of Aden Midi

  21. It Is Not Day No, Nor Morning Midi

  22. Chicken Dance Midi

  23. Ajde Lapa Maro Midi

  24. Le Bal De Jugon Midi

  25. La Bal De Jugon (With Harmony) Midi

  26. Bourree De Viplaix Midi

  27. Le Long De La Riviere Midi

  28. La Petite Jeannette Midi

  29. Polka De la Aveyron Midi

  30. Scottiche Gasconne Midi

  31. Bourree Midi

  32. Baillez Li Midi

  33. Scottiche De Roquefort Midi

  34. Scottiche A Servant Midi

  35. Scottiche Da La Montagne Noire Midi

  36. Bill Cooper's Polka Midi

  37. Rita Baker's Polka Midi

  38. Conjewai Polka Midi

  39. Paddy Godden's Lancer's Chain Away Midi

  40. Bert Powter's First Set Tune Midi

  41. Railway Hotel Midi

  42. Moonan Flat Set Tune Midi

  43. Wheeler's Hornpipe Midi

  44. Pippa Longstocking Midi

  45. Tripping To The Well Midi

  46. Auchadon Hoose Midi

  47. The Aikendrum Polka Midi

  48. Untitled Polka Midi

  49. Bridge Over The River Ash Midi

  50. Largo's Fairy Dance Midi

Alsinger Sekstur

Angus Campbell

Archie Menzie's


Atholl Brose

At The Parade

Aurettie's Dutch Skipper

Aurettie's Dutch Skipper 2

Banshee Reel

Barbara Magone's Visit

Barrel Rafferty

Bastringue, La

Beating Around The Bush

Beauties Of The Ballroom

Behind The Bush In The Garden

Bluebird Schottische

Bobby Casey's Hornpipe


Branohm Revisited


Break Yer Bass Drone

Captain Campbell


Cincinnati Hornpipe

City Of Savannah

Clarks Favorite

Come.West Along TheRoad

Com West Along The Road

Corney Is Coming

Crazy Creek

Crossing The Shannon

Easy Club Reel

Eunyssagh Vona

Fairy Dance

Farewell To Craigie Dhu

Farewell To Miltown Malbay


Flowers Of Edinburgh

Frenchie's Reel

Gan Ainm


Glenburnie Rant

Huckleberry Hornpipe

Humors Of Loughrae

I Am Waiting For You


Jean's Reel

Johnny When You Die

Julie Delaney

Kitty's Gone A Milking

Loftus Jones

Lonesome Fiddle Blues

Master McDermott

Master McDermott

McMahon's Reel

Miss Johnson

Miss MacDonald

Miss McGuiness

Miss McGuiness2

Moran's Return

Mrs McLeods


Music For A Found Harmonium

Mylecharaine's March

My Old Kentucky Home

Nancy's Caller

National Anthem Of Eire

O'Carolan's Farewell

O'Carolan's Farewell To Music

Off To California

Old Aunt Sal

Old Copperplate

Orange And The Green

Over The Bog Road

Paddy FahysReel

The Ale Is Dear

The Ash Plant

The Bag Of Halibut

The Banshee

The Birks Of Invermay

The Blackberry Blossom

The Blackthorn Stick

The Boogie Reel

The Boys Of Ballycastle

The Cat Bats At The Hanging Vine

The Congress Reel

The Derry Reel

The Drunken Sailor

The Dublin Porter

The Flax In Bloom

The Flower Of The Flock

The Flowers Of Adrigole

The High Level Hornpipe

The High Road To Linton

The Humours Of Tullycrime

The Iron Man

The Little Stack Of Wheat

The Little Stack Of Wheat2

The Miller Of Drone

The Old Maids Of Galway


Acrobatic Reel

A Fig For A Kiss

After The Ball

Aisling Gheal


Alsinger Sekstur


Amelias Waltz

Anach Cuain

An Colamoir Sugach

An Dro 3

An Dro 1

An Dro 2

An Dro s

Andy Irvine's Polka

Andy Renwick's Ferret

An Ghabha

Angus Campbell

Anniversary Waltz

An Phis Fliuch

Apple's In Winter

Archie Menzie's

Archie Neil Chisolm


Arrane Ghelby

Atholl Highlanders

A Tribute To Paddy Fahy

A Trip To Pakistan

A Waltz For Tara Lynne

A West Ocean Waltz

Barney Bralligan


Calliope House

Charlie Mulvihill's Jig

Connachtma'ns Rambles

Coppers And Brass


Da Full Rigged Ship


Donald Ian Rankin

Drummond Castle

Drummond Castle 2

Elvis Presley's Jig

F Ar Eireannne Neosin Ce Hi

First Set Tune

First Set Tune 2


Fisherman's Lilt

Frost Is All Over

Frost Is All Over 2

Gan Ainm

Garret's Weddubg

Handy With The Stick

Hartigan's Fancy

Igonish Jig

Old Hag You Have Killed Me

Jig Of Slurs

Joe Yate's 1st Set Tune

Joe Yate's Jig

John Naughton's

Katie Farrell's

Kilavel Jig

Leitrim Jig

Margaret Chisholm's Jig

Martin Talty's

Na Ceannabhain Bhana

National Anthem Of Eire


Princes Qui En Main Tenez


Road To New Dublin

Rory O'More

Sean Tiobrad Arran

Stan Chapman's

Strop The Razor

Teague's Ramble

The Ale Is Dear

The Butterfly

The Diplodocus

The Flowers Of Spring

The Hills Of Glenorchy

TheKerry Jig

The Limerick Rake

The Maid At The Spinning Wheel

The Monaghan Jig

The Munster Jig

The Red Jacket

The Top Of The Cork Road

The White Petticoat

Third Figure Of The Lancers

Tripping Up Stairs

Unknown Irish Jig

Unknown Jig 1

Unknown Jig 2

Unknown Jig 3

Whelan's Fancy

Who'll Be King But Charlie

These folks tunes have typically been passed aurally from player to player over hundreds of years. The transcriptions are only interpretations of the tunes; many players embellish the tunes as they play. The chords are only suggestions -- you may wish to alter the chords as you play. Note that most tunes follow the traditional "I-IV-V" chord model. You may also adjust the "tempo" of these tunes; many sound great when played quickly with spirit. Others are best when played slowly with feeling. Experiment and see what works for you. You can use the provided MIDI files to help you determine the proper tempo (many midi players let you adjust the speed).

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