Arto Wikla's Early Music Pages
Lute -- real cool picture of Arto and a lute on the main page. Much information on lutes, music, measurements, builders, publications, etc. Loads of Lutestuff.

Tablature in PostScript form
This is the list of files of lute music in tablature form found on You can download the PostScript files by simply clicking on the eps or pdf letters after the file name. If your web viewer can display and print PostScript or PDF files you can see and print these files

Oud - Nikos Dimitriadis
A web site about the musical instrument Oud, or Ud, Lute, where Nikos Dimitriadis, from Greece is describing and plays various improvisations.(Taqasims). The roots, of the musical instrument Oud, can be found through time, before 3500 years ago in Persia, where it was called Barbat (oud).

Repertoire - Lute Music
French site offering a large number of free lute tablature tunes.

More listings

These resources include theory lessons, ear training tools, music software, and more. A useful hub for those seeking to expand their musical knowledge and skills beyond the sheet music available on the website.