Aerie Free Guitar Tablature
Really nice source for unique guitar articles, find lessons, free guitar tablature sources, search engine.

Free Sheet Music Downloads
Collection of the top free sheet music resources available on the internet in several categories (Piano, Brass, Woodwinds, Holiday, Classical, Guitar), plus public domain free sheet music downloads.

Music Electronics microArchive
Not sheet music, but still useful. It's a large collection of articles and "how-to's" on electronic music. For example, "Converting old PA Tube Amps into Guitar Amps", "Flanging Theory", and "Tube Amp Theory for Beginners". Plus, lotsa schematics.

Guitar Site
2000 guitars database. Huge resource for guitar information -- includes: artists, guitars, makers, music, resources, stores, tablatures, and teaching(lessons)!

Tab Robot
I get a lot of email's asking for tabs and chord sheets; I normally point folks to OLGA, but Tab Robot is also a great resource with over 350,000 pieces! Remember piano guys, you can also use the chord sheets!

Free Scores for Classical Guitar and Piano
Belgian musician, Marc Lamberg, offers downloads of the scores of his own compositions for classical guitar and piano, including duets and quartets. Also offers MIDI's so you can hear the composition! Site is in French or English (your choice!)

Jazz Guitar Technique
A new method to play complex Jazz chords, using just two fingers, in various neck positions. For Jazz, Latin, Blues, Soul and Funk styles. Learn improvised solos and fills, with increased fluidity. Jazz Master includes chord charts, tunings and scales, with fingerboard diagrams progressions. With free jazz MP3 screen saver to download. This free download will give you the Introduction and software used to compile The Jazz Master Guitar Technique.

Free Guitar Lessons
"These free guitar lessons are all from my personal experience as a player. (except for a couple of great articles on tablature!) From wanting to throw my guitar into the wall (never did - too expensive!) to getting goose bumps because what I just played sounded so cool."

Classical Guitar Tablature
Way neat! Hundreds of guitar tabs for classical pieces!

French Guitar
"The first french speaking portal dedicated to all guitarists. You'll find links, news about guitar and lutherie and more..."

Gitaar tabs - Guitar tabs:
A huge tab guitar tab archive, plus lots of chords in JPG-format

Bass Homepage
Nice touch -- a bass page (in German)
with more than 260 transcriptions and more than 80 worksheets

Hot Country Guitar Licks
Martin Tallstrom's site -- Lots of country licks and tab transcriptions -- a real treat!

Perso Flamenco & Classic
Free flamenco & Classical scores / MP3 for guitar.

Guitar tabs, chords, bass tabs
Nice collection of tabs and chords. Also has message forums.

Flamenco and Classical
Flamenco and classic scores for guitar. Images, Guitar Pro, MIDI's, and some MP3.
Jim Campilongo's (from Guitar Magazine)
guitar-related site -- has a GREAT lessons portion. A recent lesson discussed how "The Best Rockabilly Players know how to spin jazzy lines over simple blues progressions." It not only discused the subject, it offered standard notation sheet music for the lesson! His "Guitar Tips" newsletter is also a treat.

Vision Music
More guitar lessons in tab AND standard notation! Also offers a "virtual" smokin's backing band -- load 'em up and they'll back you while you wail away! "The lessons at Vision Music are conducted by guitarist/bassist and Sugo Music recording artist Mark Stefani."

The Guitar School
Educational Guitar Music for Classical Guitar. Compositions, arrangements and collection by Eythor Thorlaksson and Sveinn Eythorsson.

Guitar Primer
Nicely done -- a guitar primer for adults, includes standard notation of popular folk songs, etc.

Jack Ingram
Chords, lyrics, and tabs for Jack Ingram's numbers

Site for Brian Wilson
Site honoring the real Beach Boy: Brian Wilson -- includes lyrics and guitar tab.

Top 100 Guitar Solos (of all time!)
Guitar tab! The top 100 guitar solos of all time as selected by the readers of "Guitar World". As expected, it's heavy on rock and non-existant on jazz, but it's still a good list. What makes it neat are links to tabs of the solos -- wail and shred like Jimmy or Jimi! (I must confess -- I am baffled how "Cinammon Girl" always makes these lists! And it beats "Scuttle Buttin'"!?!?!?!)

Online College of Guitar Wisdom -- free online lessons and tabs.

Classical Guitar Sheet Music
Several pieces to download "Fully fingered PDF arrangements of two excerpts from Rosamunde by Schubert + the hymn 'Nearer my God to Thee' as used in the film 'Titanic'" -- also has matching MIDI files.

Links to lots of flamenco guitar transcriptions

Celtic Guitar
Glenn Weiser's site, offers free GIF's of guitar and harmonica arrangments from his series of Mel Bay books. (A new tune each month!)

COWPIE Song Corral
Country Music! Plenty of chord, tab, and lyric sheets for loads of country stars and songs.

New Millennium Classical Guitar Magazine
A number of free transcripts from this magazine.

The Pedal Steel Pages
No sheet music, but lots of articles and discussions (E9th theory, tunings, etc)
on pedal steel matters

Richard Yates' Classical Guitar Transcriptions
Richard Yates's site (He has a Classical Guitar book published by Mel Bay). PDF's to MANY wonderful classical pieces -- also, MIDI's for a bunch of them. Richard also asks for reader feedback -- for instance, he's transcribed Pachelbel's Canon for a guitar duet because of viewer request. This page is a treasure!

John Sherman's Celtic Guitar Page
"Celtic guitar, simply put, is that body of music arranged for guitar that includes the traditional musical repertoire of the Celtic regions of Europe (primarily Ireland and Scotland, but also including Wales, Brittany, the Isle of Man and Galicia)
or that can claim to be influenced by it." Describes modal tuning, offers jpg's of sample tunes (hey, it's treble clef -- try it with your fiddle!)

Northumbrian Traditional Music
Fiddle, Guitar, and Song! Sheet music, tabs, and ABC's of "the unique traditional music of Northumbria, an area encompassing the modern counties of Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland."

German Guitar Music
German site, guitar music, many styles. Can't read German, but I think it's got classical, rock, jazz, and blues.

Matt's Music
A number of tabs -- pretty cool looking site. Be aware that it creates a new browser in maximum mode without and address bar or a minimize or close button. I had to use "Alt-F4" to close it. Still, it's some nice work.

The Free Guitar
Free guitar sheetmusic, tabs, riffs and lessons

Guitar in Ireland
Free Sheet Music, Tab, Composers, Glossary, Forum, Portuguese Guitar, Players, Music Quotes etc.

acoustic music ,dominique riviere
Celtic guitar and bouzouki.tablatures"pdf""tef" mp3,video clips.

traunmusik / Bühnen- und Musikverlag
Noten für Konzert und Unterricht

Dave's Guitar and Bass Resource
Really good stuff -- scales, chords, arpeggios, and more presented with``theoretical definitions and related resources.

Free Sheet Music for Piano and Guitar
You must register first (free); you'll then receive free access to a slew of standard notation (and guitar tab); lots of classical pieces, many traditional pieces and ethnic folk pieces too.

Dave's Guitar and Bass Resource Page
Lots of information, including scales, chords, arpeggios, and more presented with theoretical definitions and related resources.

Discover The Guitar !
Homepage of classical guitar teacher Philip Castledine . Music available to download in both .pdf and .mp3 formats

Handcrafted Guitar Tablatures by Johnny Spaugh
"I began tabbing classic guitar tablitures over twenty years ago tabbing songs for six string guitar. I have done all the work so now you can teach yourself and play old favorites from Old Time Fiddle Tunes, Gospel, Western Swing Instrumentals, and Old Country Songs (40's - 80's)." Mainly books for sale, but there are some nice free samples.

Guitar 33 - Free tabs and Scores
About half a dozen free scores (including audio files)
each month from French guitarists and composer, Michel Dalle Ave. Many different styles (classical, celtic, rock, blues, latin, fingerstyle, etc)

Michel Dalle Ave's Finerstyle Guitar Compositions
More compositions from French Guitarist, Michel Dalle Ave. Audio files and transcriptions!

Guitar Tabs @ the Ultimate Guitar Tab website
More than 11,000 guitar tabs plus loads of chord charts.

The Real Basstabs
Great bass guitar site! Tabs, downloads, forum, tips, etc

Good guitar tab and chord site. Nice touch is that the guitar tab is in .pdf format!

Guitar Alliance Riff-O-Matic
Publishes four or five different cool riffs in tab format every week. Stevie Ray, Jimi, Randy Rhodes, etc. Also includes slow and fast audio files so you can hear how the riff should sound like.

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These resources include theory lessons, ear training tools, music software, and more. A useful hub for those seeking to expand their musical knowledge and skills beyond the sheet music available on the website.