Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt (22 October 1811 – 31 July 1886) was a Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist and teacher of the Romantic period. With a diverse body of work spanning more than six decades, he is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential composers of his era and remains one of the most popular composers in modern concert piano repertoire.


12 Transcendental Etudes

2 Concerto Etudes (Gnomenreigen, Waldesrauschen)

6 Paganini Etudes

Hungarian Rhapsodies

Hungarian Rhapsody No 10 in E

Hungarian Rhapsody No 11 in a

Hungarian Rhapsody No 12 in c#

Hungarian Rhapsody No 13 in a

Hungarian Rhapsody No 14 in f

Hungarian Rhapsody No 15 in a

Hungarian Rhapsody No 16 in a

Hungarian Rhapsody No 17 in d

Hungarian Rhapsody No 18 in c#

Hungarian Rhapsody No 19 in d

Hungarian Rhapsody No 1 in c#

Hungarian Rhapsody No 2 in c#

Hungarian Rhapsody No 3 in Bb

Hungarian Rhapsody No 4 in Eb

Hungarian Rhapsody No 5 in e

Hungarian Rhapsody No 6 in Db

Hungarian Rhapsody No 7 in d

Hungarian Rhapsody No 8 in f#

Hungarian Rhapsody No 9 in Eb

Hungarian Rhapsody # 2 | Play Midi File

(Breakfast, McDonald's Breakfast, made from the very best ingredients, we do it all for you!) I can't help seeing this commercial every time I hear the Hungarian Rhapsody Number 2!

Miscellaneous Transcriptions

The Maiden's Wish

3 Marches (Schubert)

Air du Stabat Mater (Rossini)

Danse Macabre (Saint-Saens)

Der Erlkonig (Schubert)

Gretchen from Faust

My Joys (Chopin)

Opera Transcriptions

Festival and Bridal Song (Wagner)

Grand Concert Fantasy (Bellini)

Hochzeitmarsch & Elfenreigen (Mendelssohn)

Illustration No 2 (Meyerbeer)

Liebestod (Wagner)

Lohengrin's Admonition (Wagner)

Miserere (Verdi)

Overture to Tannhauser (Wagner)

Overture to William Tell (Rossini)

Pilgrim's Chorus (Wagner)

Polonaise (Tchaikovsky)

Reminiscences de Don Juan (Mozart)

Reminiscences de Lucia di Lammermor (Donizetti)

Reminiscences de Norma (Bellini)

Sarabande & Chaconne (Handel)

Soirees musicales de Rossini No 2

Soirees musicales de Rossini No 9

Solemn March (Wagner)

Spinning Chorus (Wagner)

Tarantelle di Bravura (Auber)

Valse Infernale (Meyerbeer)

Am Stillen Herd (Wagner)

Ballade (Wagner)

Concert Paraphrase (Verdi)

Concert Waltz (Donizetti)

Elsa's Bridal Procession (Wagner)

Elsa's Dream (Wagner)

Evening Star (Wagner)

Fantasy on Rienzi (Wagner)

Fantasy on Rigoletto (Verdi)

Other Piano Works

Nuage Gris

Rakoczy March

Rhapsodie Espagnol

Scherzo und Marsch

Valse Impromptu

Valse Oubliee No 1

Variations on a Theme by Bach

2 Ballades

2 Legendes

2 Polonaises

6 Consolations

Fantasia and Fugue on the Theme BACH

Grand Galop Chromatique

Harmonies Poetiques et Religieuses

Liebestraum No 1 in Ab

Liebestraum No 2 in E

Liebestraum No 3 in Ab

Mephisto Waltz No 1

Piano with Orchestra

Wanderer Fantasy (Schubert) (2 Piano)

Fantasy on Hungarian Folk Melodies (2 Piano)

Piano Concerto No 1 in Eb (2 Piano)

Piano Concerto No 2 in A

Piano Concerto No 2 in A (2 Piano)

Polonaise brillante (Weber) (2 Piano)

Totentanz (Danse Macabre) (2 Piano)

Soirees of Vienna

Soiree 1

Soiree 2

Soiree 3

Soiree 4

Soiree 5

Soiree 6

Soiree 7

Soiree 8

Soiree 9


Sonata in b

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