MP3's: Music At Your Fingertips

Have you noticed that finding a decent cassette tape at almost any store is practically impossible? For sure, the days of tape players are totally gone and CD~s may be heading there too. So, what is the invention that will replace CD~s? The answer is simple: the MP3.

An MP3 is a compressed music file that allows you to save it onto your computer or a number of portable devices called MP3 players. MP3~s have been around for quite a few years now and players have become almost less expensive than CD players. MP3 players can be taken with you while jogging and working out; they can also be used in conjunction with a tape player and play through your car~s stereo and speakers.

Getting MP3~s is pretty simple. You can buy a CD and save it onto your computer as an MP3 file. Then, you just download it onto a portable MP3 player and take it with you wherever you go. Also, you can use internet to buy MP3~s. There are a ton of sites where one song costs less than a dollar. You can even find sites where you can join a group to share music for free. However, you must beware because these sites are illegal. Companies like Napster have been sued because these online sites are illegal due to copyright laws.

With the low cost of MP3~s, they may eventually run the CD out of business. In addition to being inexpensive, MP3~s also allow you to pick just the songs you want. We~ve all bought CD~s that had one song we really loved and a lot of trash on them. With MP3~s, you can pick and choose the songs you really want rather than buying a bunch of songs that you don~t like anyway

Day after day MP3~s are becoming more popular, although they have not overcome the whole population. Money, time and a lot of joy are some of de benefits of MP3~s. Come and join us. Be part of this amazing and limitless world of music.

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