14 Surefire Methods to Tap Into Your Creative Flow Everyday
  1. Collage: cut out images from magazines. Glue them to a poster board without any intellectualizing and see what your subconscious mind has created for you as your own personalized "image muse".

  2. Listen to music, many different varieties. If you have cable radio, this is a great way to have a commercial free extended play of virtually any classification of music available. Try something you are not as familiar with: world music, gospel, Celtic, baroque...stretch your appreciation, awaken your spark.

  3. Set a timer for 15 minutes and free write. Without editorializing or judging your thoughts, just let your pencil go back and forth across the page. Let your mind and words dance and swim anywhere and everywhere.

  4. Get up and get into physical motion. A walk, a dance, a jog, a stretch, a hop. Does not matter what the movement is, simply do it. In conjunction with listening to music, your creativity will be compelled to be burst forth

  5. Explore the many facets of intimacy. From the face to face, heart to heart tenderness of physical closeness to the multisensory experience of connecting with another soul, intimacy may evoke one of the most intense streams of creative flow.

  6. Read quotes and classic literature. Learning from the genius of creative thinkers of the past will illuminate your creative genius of today.

  7. Develop relationships that encourage intentionally satisfying, in depth discussion. From the meandering, awakening talks that are produced, results will be spontaneous and abundant.

  8. Write haiku, a simple form of poetry you probably learned about in school. A three lined poem comprised of an opening line of 5 syllables, a closing line of 5 syllables and a middle line of 7 syllables, see what you can powerfully craft in the fewest words.

  9. Take ample time in quiet through meditation, prayer and spiritual study. Peace, contentment, satisfaction and creativity will follow.

  10. Spend time both participating with and observing the nature which surrounds you. Caring for your environment, being a steward of plant life joins the human creative spirit with the Earth.

  11. Paint: using any favorite medium be it finger paints or acrylics with sponges or watercolors, simply set aside some time to splash some paint around. See what comes forth.

  12. Take time to experience visual art. Invest the time necessary to interact with those pieces which call to you.

  13. Attend theatrical events and concerts. Support the performing arts and see what they teach your creative being.

  14. Find a new recipe and try it out. The more variety you partner with in your kitchen, the more you will partner simply and effortlessly with you creative flow.

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