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  • Murphy's Laws of Songwriting "Ralph is a veteran songwriter/publisher/producer, is an instructor for NSAI's Song Camps, and is Assistant Vice President for ASCAP Nashville. Most of Murphy's Laws also appear in the Nashville Songwriters Association publication, International Newswire."
  • Muse's Muse - Songwriting Tips & Tools Reference guide, resources, links, newsletter, articles, and services.
  • The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) One of the big two songwriting organizations.
  • Rhyming Dictionary Great songwriting tool (although it doesn't have a rhyme for "orange"!)
  • Seth Jackson's Songwriting and Music Business Page Resources, information, and lots of other goodies for anyone interested in Songs, Songwriting and the Music Business.
  • Bill Watson's Songwriting Resources Nice collectin of free articles covering Songwriting, Lyric Writing, Playing Live Music, Writing for Magazines, Self-Publishing, Recording Music, and Marketing Your Music On the Internet.
  • The Freedom Exchange Nice forum message board covering songwriting, recording, etc.
  • Goodnight Kiss Active songwriter and music publisher for film and television, reviews songs for national songwriter associations and accepts material from unknown writers.
  • Li'l Hanks Guide for Songwriters Tips about music publishing, music business, music law, songwriting organizations and resources from Hal Cohen.
  • Music Theory for Songwriters Nicely done! Discusses music theory as it pertains to songwriters: Scales, Note Numbers, I, IV, and V chords, Keys, ii, iii, and vi chords, Chord Variations, Complex Chords, Secondary Chords.
  • Richhoncho's Songwriters Links Categorized links to sites including songwriting lessons, tips, promotion and lyrics.
  • Songstuff "We've got information and links on music, music technology, and business subjects like: composition, samplers and sampling, sequencing, synthesis and synthesisers, keyboards, MIDI, recording, promotion, music production, effects, distribution, sound, digital and analogue audio... the list goes on, and it's all free!"
  • Words to Write By Inspirational and motivational articles for the aspiring songsmith.
  • Instrument Music, the Songwriters Resource Center Includes advice on copyright, getting published, and raising money. Includes links to songwriting organizations.
  • Songwriters Resource Network Offers news and categorized links for songwriters and lyricists. Sponsors of the annual Great American Song Contest
  • Songwriters Directory "Songwriters is a great place for songwriters, musicians, and music industry professionals to find what they need using our extensive Songwriters Resource Center. "
  • TAXI Get your music to the right people with TAXI: the Independent A&R Vehicle that connects unsigned artists, bands and songwriters with major record labels, publishers, and film & TV music supervisors.
  • Free Report:: Learn these 5 keys and play the piano in a completely new way!
  • Drums Etc. Music Forum A great forum for all musicians and people who like music.Go check it out and join.
  • Aleven Music Marketing & Design The premiere graphic design studio for the music industry. Full-service graphic design, web design, cd replication and printing for musicians.
  • Bosendorfer Piano Recording Studio Transform your midi composition to sound live by using my recording studio. Check my midi to mp3 demos to hear the difference for yourself.
  • Media Web Source Band and Songwriter Resources, Press Kit and Demo info, Music Industry Books, CDs, Band Web Design, and more.
  • Craig W. Ledford "Writer Of Inspirational Gospel Songs"
  • Jeroen's Creations musical moods
  • Don Carlos Reggae Music Reggae Artist Don Carlos Official Website. Information on tour dates.

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