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Scottish Folktunes

  These treble clef tunes are suitable for fiddle, flute, trumpet, clarinet, or any other treble solo instrument.
  "Session" tunes are dance tunes; commonly, two or three tunes are linked in sequence, one after the other. These are tunes passed aurally from player to player over hundreds of years. The transcriptions are only interpretations of the tunes; many players embellish the tunes as they play. Any chords listed are only suggestions -- you may wish to alter the chords as you play. Note that most tunes follow the traditional "I-IV-V" chord model.
  You may also adjust the "tempo" of these tunes; many sound great when played quickly with spirit. Others are best when played slowly with feeling. Experiment and see what works for you. You can use the provided MIDI files to help you determine the proper tempo (many midi players let you adjust the speed).

Tunes 1-100    101-200    201-   

101 Midi     PDF         kitchen hill polka
102 Midi     PDF         lady in the boat the
103 Midi     PDF         lady mary hays scots measure
104 Midi     PDF         lady montgomerie
105 Midi     PDF         lass of paties mill the
106 Midi     PDF         les plaiseurs des dames
107 Midi     PDF         lieutenant maguires jig
108 Midi     PDF         lillian
109 Midi     PDF         little cascade the
110 Midi     PDF         lochmaben hornpipe the
111 Midi     PDF         loch leven castle
112 Midi     PDF         loch rannoch
113 Midi     PDF         lock the door larriston
114 Midi     PDF         long er onie old man
115 Midi     PDF         lord macdonalds
116 Midi     PDF         maccrimmons lament cha till mi tuille
117 Midi     PDF         macleod of mull
118 Midi     PDF         major john maclennan
119 Midi     PDF         marchioness of huntlys favourite jig
120 Midi     PDF         marchioness of tweeddales delight
121 Midi     PDF         mathematician the
122 Midi     PDF         mckenzie of coul
123 Midi     PDF         miss finlays delight
124 Midi     PDF         miss lyall reel
125 Midi     PDF         miss lyall strathspey
126 Midi     PDF         miss macdermott
127 Midi     PDF         miss marie stewarts jig
128 Midi     PDF         miss mcpherson grant of ballindalloch
129 Midi     PDF         miss menzies of culdare
130 Midi     PDF         miss shepherd
131 Midi     PDF         mist covered mountains chi mi na morbheanna
132 Midi     PDF         mrs helen l macdonald of dunach
133 Midi     PDF         mrs macdonald of uig
134 Midi     PDF         mrs macpherson of inveran
135 Midi     PDF         mrs mcleod of raasay
136 Midi     PDF         mr and mrs a ross
137 Midi     PDF         mucking o geordies byre the
138 Midi     PDF         muillean dubh the black mill
139 Midi     PDF         murdo mackenzie of torridon
140 Midi     PDF         my dungannon sweetheart
141 Midi     PDF         my father said that he would hire to me a man
142 Midi     PDF         my love is but a lassie yet
143 Midi     PDF         my peggys face
144 Midi     PDF         newrigged ship jig the
145 Midi     PDF         niel gows lament for his second wife
146 Midi     PDF         niel gows lament for the death of his second wife
147 Midi     PDF         oh are you sleeping maggie
148 Midi     PDF         old pipe reel
149 Midi     PDF         on a bank of flowers
150 Midi     PDF         over the water to charlie
151 Midi     PDF         paddys leather britches
152 Midi     PDF         pap of glencoe the
153 Midi     PDF         pate baillies jig
154 Midi     PDF         peter mackinnon of skeabost
155 Midi     PDF         peter pratts polka
156 Midi     PDF         pibroch of donald dubh
157 Midi     PDF         pipers cave the
158 Midi     PDF         presto
159 Midi     PDF         princess beatrice
160 Midi     PDF         prince of waless jig the
161 Midi     PDF         prince william
162 Midi     PDF         quarrelsome piper the
163 Midi     PDF         queens highway the
164 Midi     PDF         rachel rae
165 Midi     PDF         rattlin roarin willie
166 Midi     PDF         rattlin roarin willie
167 Midi     PDF         ray millburn variations
168 Midi     PDF         redhaired boy the
169 Midi     PDF         repeal the poll tax
170 Midi     PDF         road tae dundee the
171 Midi     PDF         road to skye
172 Midi     PDF         road to the isles
173 Midi     PDF         roll her on the hill
174 Midi     PDF         ronas voe
175 Midi     PDF         rope waltz the
176 Midi     PDF         rowan tree
177 Midi     PDF         roxborough castle
178 Midi     PDF         sailor and the tailor the
179 Midi     PDF         sailors hornpipe the
180 Midi     PDF         sandy bells
181 Midi     PDF         scotland the brave
182 Midi     PDF         seumas macniel
183 Midi     PDF         shakins o the pocky the
184 Midi     PDF         shearing song
185 Midi     PDF         sidlaw hills
186 Midi     PDF         sir david davidson of cantray
187 Midi     PDF         sitting in the stern of a boat
188 Midi     PDF         skiver the quilt
189 Midi     PDF         skye boat song
190 Midi     PDF         standing stones the
191 Midi     PDF         stirling castle
192 Midi     PDF         st kilda wedding
193 Midi     PDF         such a parcel of rogues in a nation
194 Midi     PDF         sunset over foula
195 Midi     PDF         sweet is the lass that dwells among the heather
196 Midi     PDF         sweet maid of glendaruel
197 Midi     PDF         taladh eirisgeach
198 Midi     PDF         temple house
199 Midi     PDF         teribus
200 Midi     PDF         teviot bridge