O'Neill's Dance Music Of Ireland

"O'Neill's Dance Music of Ireland" is a classic collection of around 1000 Celtic session tunes. These treble clef tunes are suitable for fiddle, flute, trumpet, clarinet, or any other treble solo instrument.

"Session" tunes are dance tunes; commonly, two or three tunes are linked in sequence, one after the other. These are tunes passed aurally from player to player over hundreds of years. The transcriptions are only interpretations of the tunes; many players embellish the tunes as they play. The chords are only suggestions -- you may wish to alter the chords as you play. Note that most tunes follow the traditional "I-IV-V" chord model.

You may also adjust the "tempo" of these tunes; many sound great when played quickly with spirit. Others are best when played slowly with feeling. Experiment and see what works for you. You can use the provided MIDI files to help you determine the proper tempo (many midi players let you adjust the speed).

  1. Shandon Bells   Midi

  2. The Piper's Picnic   Midi

  3. Hartigan's Fancy   Midi

  4. The Yellow Flail   Midi

  5. Kitty's Rambles   Midi

  6. Doctor O'Neill   Midi

  7. Denis Delaney   Midi

  8. The Walls Of Liscarroll   Midi

  9. The Pipe On The Hob   Midi

  10. Guiry's Favorite   Midi

  11. Malowney's Wife   Midi

  12. The Gold Ring   Midi

  13. The Humors Of Bantry   Midi

  14. Off To The Hunt   Midi

  15. The Highway To Dublin   Midi

  16. When Sick, Is it Tea You Want?   Midi

  17. The Eavesdropper   Midi

  18. Saddle The Pony   Midi

  19. Humors Of Glendart   Midi

  20. Have A Drink With Me   Midi

  21. The Hag With The Money   Midi

  22. I Know What You Like   Midi

  23. The Night Cap   Midi

  24. The Maid At The Well   Midi

  25. Sgt Early's Jig   Midi

  26. Castle Donovan   Midi

  27. Jackson's Frieze Coat   Midi

  28. Contentment Is Wealth   Midi

  29. Cherish The Ladies   Midi

  30. Welcome To Cork   Midi

  31. The Widow Brady   Midi

  32. The Basket Of Turf   Midi

  33. Do You Want Anymore   Midi

  34. Galway Tom   Midi

  35. Money In Both Pockets   Midi

  36. Father Dollard's Favorite   Midi

  37. Tell Her I Am   Midi

  38. The Mountain Boy   Midi

  39. A Visit To Ireland   Midi

  40. Jerry's Beaver Hat   Midi

  41. The Temple House Jig   Midi

  42. Move Up To Me   Midi

  43. Paddy Whack   Midi

  44. Nell Flaherty's Drake   Midi

  45. Out With The Boys   Midi

  46. Katie's Fancy   Midi

  47. Paddy From Portlaw   Midi

  48. The Miller Of Glanmire   Midi

  49. The Hare In The Corn   Midi

  50. Daniel O'Rourke   Midi

  51. O'Sullivan's March   Midi

  52. Tobin's Favorite   Midi

  53. Banish Misfortune   Midi

  54. The Wheels Of The World   Midi

  55. Kitty Come Over   Midi

  56. The Humors Of Cappa   Midi

  57. The Blazing Turf Fire   Midi

  58. All Covered With Moss   Midi

  59. The Priest's Leap   Midi

  60. The Book Of Rights   Midi

  61. The Humors Of Whiskey   Midi

  62. Fiddler's Heaven   Midi

  63. A Night At The Fair   Midi

  64. Darby The Driver   Midi

  65. John White's Mother   Midi

  66. The Humors Of Tralibane   Midi

  67. Connie The Soldier   Midi

  68. Out On The Ocean   Midi

  69. Philip O'Neill   Midi

  70. The Besom In Bloom   Midi

  71. Courtney's Favorite   Midi

  72. The Merry Old Woman   Midi

  73. Con Casey's Jig   Midi

  74. A Trip To The Cottage   Midi

  75. Old Man Dillon   Midi

  76. Julia McMahon   Midi

  77. Drive The Cows Home   Midi

  78. Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part   Midi

  79. The Joy Of My Life   Midi

  80. The Grumbling Rustic   Midi

  81. The Humors Of Ballycastle   Midi

  82. Doherty's Fancy   Midi

  83. The Girls Of Banbridge   Midi

  84. Wellington's Advance   Midi

  85. The Old Man's Delight   Midi

  86. Blackeyed Biddy   Midi

  87. The Jolly Corkonian   Midi

  88. Willy Walsh's Jig   Midi

  89. The Boys Of The Town   Midi

  90. Petticoat Loose   Midi

  91. The Tailor's Thimble   Midi

  92. The Humors Of Ballingarry   Midi

  93. Palm Sunday   Midi

  94. The Road To Lurgan   Midi

  95. The Sheep On The Mountains   Midi

  96. Our Own Little Isle   Midi

  97. The Straw Seat   Midi

  98. The Flaxdresser   Midi

  99. The Races At Carrick   Midi

  100. Condon's Frolics   Midi

  101. The Idle Road   Midi

  102. Billy Barlow   Midi

  103. A Merry Christmas   Midi

  104. Will You Come Home With Me?   Midi

  105. The Gobby O   Midi

  106. The Humors of Mullinafauna   Midi

  107. Father O'Carroll   Midi

  108. The Rakes of Kildare   Midi

  109. The Tailor's Wedding   Midi

  110. My Former Wife   Midi

  111. The Sporting Bachelor   Midi

  112. The First Night In America   Midi

  113. The Best In The Bag   Midi

  114. The Maid On The Green   Midi

  115. Stagger The Duck   Midi

  116. Rory O'Moore   Midi

  117. The Highlander   Midi

  118. Lannigan's Ball   Midi

  119. Hide And Go Seek   Midi

  120. Fasten The Leg In Her   Midi

  121. The Cliffs of Moher   Midi

  122. Charley The Prayermaster   Midi

  123. Young Francis Mooney   Midi

  124. Grandfather's Pet   Midi

  125. Wasn't She Fond of Me   Midi

  126. Wise Nora   Midi

  127. The Butcher's March   Midi

  128. Larry O'Gaff   Midi

  129. The Cat In The Corner   Midi

  130. Ballyhooley   Midi

  131. The Bowlegged Tailor   Midi

  132. Larry Grogan   Midi

  133. The Killashandra Lasses   Midi

  134. Young Tim Murphy   Midi

  135. Boiled Goat's Milk   Midi

  136. Father Jack Walsh   Midi

  137. The Victor's Return   Midi

  138. Snug In The Blanket   Midi

  139. How Are You, Kitty?   Midi

  140. The Silken Wallet   Midi

  141. Behind The Haystack   Midi

  142. The Jolly Old Man   Midi

  143. Handy With The Stick   Midi

  144. The House In The Glen   Midi

  145. Jackson's Bottle Of Brandy   Midi

  146. Jackson's Morning Brush   Midi

  147. Jackson's Cravat   Midi

  148. The Kinnegad Slashers   Midi

  149. The Rakes of Clonmel   Midi

  150. Nancy Hynes   Midi

  151. The Pretty Brown Girl   Midi

  152. Jackson's Fancy   Midi

  153. Young Tom Ennis   Midi

  154. The Antrim Lasses   Midi

  155. Jackson's Rambles   Midi

  156. A Draught Of Ale   Midi

  157. The Redhaired Hag   Midi

  158. The Fairhaired Boy   Midi

  159. My Darling Asleep   Midi

  160. The Kneebuckle   Midi

  161. The Sod Of Turf   Midi

  162. The Tenpenny Bit   Midi

  163. The Fisherman's Widow   Midi

  164. The Ladies of Carrick   Midi

  165. Charlie Stewart   Midi

  166. Jack Of All Trades   Midi

  167. The Boys Of Ballinamore   Midi

  168. Miss Blair's Fancy   Midi

  169. Easter Sunday   Midi

  170. Jackson's Rolling Jig   Midi

  171. The Runaway Bride   Midi

  172. Black Donald The Piper   Midi

  173. The Dandy Bonnett   Midi

  174. The Humors Of Trim   Midi

  175. The End Of The Day   Midi

  176. Owen Malone   Midi

  177. Bessy Murphy   Midi

  178. Paddy O'Rafferty   Midi

  179. I Do Not Incline   Midi

  180. The Gaelic Club   Midi

  181. The Market Town   Midi

  182. The Humors Of Castlelyons   Midi

  183. The Dancingmaster   Midi

  184. Farewell To My Troubles   Midi

  185. The Tongs by The Fire   Midi

  186. The Thief Of Lough Erne   Midi

  187. Scatter The Mud   Midi

  188. The Priest And His Boots   Midi

  189. The Three Little Drummers   Midi

  190. O'Mahony's Frolics   Midi

  191. The Limerick Tinker   Midi

  192. The Boy From The Mountain   Midi

  193. The Woodcock   Midi

  194. Dunmanway Lasses   Midi

  195. The Boys Of Ballinafad   Midi

  196. Let It Be So   Midi

  197. The Short Grass   Midi

  198. Miss Monroe's Jig   Midi

  199. The Spotted Cow   Midi

  200. Daniel of the Sun   Midi

  201. Biddy's Wedding   Midi

  202. Paddy O'Carroll   Midi

  203. Haste To The Wedding   Midi

  204. The Little House Under The Hill   Midi

  205. Breeches Mary   Midi

  206. Jimmy O'Brien's Jig   Midi

  207. I Will If I Can   Midi

  208. Miss Wiseman's Fancy   Midi

  209. Green Sleeves   Midi

  210. The Miners Of Wicklow   Midi

  211. My Brother Tom   Midi

  212. Paddy's Resource   Midi

  213. Before I Was Married   Midi

  214. The Old Grey Goose   Midi

  215. Hinchy's Delight   Midi

  216. Come Now Or Stay   Midi

  217. Buttermilk Mary   Midi

  218. The Connachtman's Rambles   Midi

  219. Father Fielding's Favorite   Midi

  220. Father Tom's Wager   Midi

  221. Bryan O'Lynn   Midi

  222. O'Gallerher's Frolics   Midi

  223. The Rambler From Clare   Midi

  224. Bidy Maloney   Midi

  225. The New Married Couple   Midi

  226. Tim Hogan's Jig   Midi

  227. Dick Sullivan's Favorite   Midi

  228. Come To Dinner   Midi

  229. The Jolly Jocker   Midi

  230. Mixing The Punch   Midi

  231. Finerty's Frolic   Midi

  232. Old As The Hills   Midi

  233. Long John's Wedding   Midi

  234. Kit O'Mahoney's Jig   Midi

  235. The Humors Of Drinagh   Midi

  236. The Gallowglass   Midi

  237. The Fardown Farmer   Midi

  238. The Old Horned Sheep   Midi

  239. The Laccarue Boys   Midi

  240. The Lark In The Morning   Midi

  241. Sgt Stack's Favorite   Midi

  242. The Ruins Of Killmallock   Midi

  243. The Mountaineer's March   Midi

  244. The Top Of Cork Road   Midi

  245. The Monaghan Jig   Midi

  246. The Mooncoin Jig   Midi

  247. The Bashful Maid   Midi

  248. The Barrowstown Races   Midi

  249. The Flitch Of Bacon   Midi

  250. Paddy In London   Midi

  251. The Angry Peeler   Midi

  252. The Cook In The Kitchen   Midi

  253. The Humors Of Dingle   Midi

  254. The Absent Minded Man   Midi

  255. Felix The Wrestler   Midi

  256. The Night Dance   Midi

  257. Morgan Rattler   Midi

  258. Wallop The Potlid   Midi

  259. Paddy's Whiskers   Midi

  260. The Frieze Breeches   Midi

  261. The Humors Of Ayle House   Midi

  262. Bold John O'Leary   Midi

  263. The Humors of Cavan   Midi

  264. The Banks Of Lough Gowna   Midi

  265. The Twopenny Jig   Midi

  266. The Green Meadow   Midi

  267. The Merry Maiden   Midi

  268. Blue Bonnet's Jig   Midi

  269. The Field Of Flowers   Midi

  270. The Glens Of Mayo   Midi

  271. I'll Neither Spin Nor Weave   Midi

  272. Jackson's Maid   Midi

  273. The Kilfinane Jig   Midi

  274. Walk Out Of It, Hogan   Midi

  275. The Boys Of Comanore   Midi

  276. The Barefoot Boy   Midi

  277. The One-horned Cow   Midi

  278. Sweet Biddy Daly   Midi

  279. The Geese In The Bogs   Midi

  280. Going To Donnybrook   Midi

  281. Wallop The Spot   Midi

  282. Take It Easy   Midi

  283. The Man Who Died And Rose Again   Midi

  284. Kitty Of Oulart   Midi

  285. Strop The Razor   Midi

  286. Strop The Razor   Midi

  287. Gillan's Apples   Midi

  288. The Gudgeon Of Maurice's Car   Midi

  289. The Humors Of Ballydehob   Midi

  290. The Luck Penny   Midi

  291. The Blarney Pilgrim   Midi

  292. The Dairy Maid   Midi

  293. How Much Has She Got?   Midi

  294. The Rivals   Midi

  295. All Alive   Midi

  296. Barney O'Neill   Midi

  297. Johnny The Jumper   Midi

  298. Paddy Go Easy   Midi

  299. Be Easy You Rogue   Midi

  300. Apples In Winter   Midi

  301. The Humors Of Castle Comer   Midi

  302. The Black Rogue   Midi

  303. The Ranting Rake   Midi

  304. The Blooming Meadows   Midi

  305. Delaney's Drummers   Midi

  306. Crabs In The Skillet   Midi

  307. The Woeful Widow   Midi

  308. The Cat And The Bacon   Midi

  309. THe Galloping Young Thing   Midi

  310. The Bridal Jig   Midi

  311. The Man In The Moon   Midi

  312. Come With Me Now   Midi

  313. The Frost Is All Over   Midi

  314. Sally Magee   Midi

  315. The Red Rose   Midi

  316. The Humors Of Glynn   Midi

  317. The Irishwoman   Midi

  318. The Merry Huntsman   Midi

  319. The Fairy Jig   Midi

  320. The Piper's Welcome   Midi

  321. Oh Hag, You Have Killed Me   Midi

  322. The Full Moon   Midi

  323. Yesterday Morning   Midi

  324. Castletown Conners   Midi

  325. Martin's Onehorned Cow   Midi

  326. Ollistrun Jig   Midi

  327. Stay Where You Are   Midi

  328. Miss Walsh's Fancy   Midi

  329. Humors Of Clare   Midi

  330. The Queen Of The Fair   Midi

  331. The Foot Of The Mountain   Midi

  332. The Maids Of Ballinacarty   Midi

  333. Miss Downing's Fancy   Midi

  334. When You Go Home   Midi

  335. Friends Of My Heart   Midi

  336. Down The River   Midi

  337. Come Along With Me   Midi

  338. Cronin's Frolics   Midi

  339. The Belles Of Liscarroll   Midi

  340. Munster Bacon   Midi

  341. Billy McCormick   Midi

  342. The Chorus Jig   Midi

  343. Church Hill   Midi

  344. The Stolen Purse   Midi

  345. The Trip To Galway   Midi

  346. Miss Douglass   Midi

  347. The Maid Of Kinsale   Midi

  348. The Flowers Of Dungarvan   Midi

  349. Miss Grant's Jig   Midi

  350. Don't Be Teasing   Midi

  351. Clancy's Frolics   Midi

  352. The Powers Of Punch   Midi

  353. The Yellow Wattle   Midi

  354. The Lads Of Dunse   Midi

  355. The Lasses Of Dunse   Midi

  356. Portpatrick   Midi

  357. The Hibernian Jig   Midi

  358. Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself   Midi

  359. Maybe I Will   Midi

  360. The Market Girl   Midi

  361. The Drogheda Weavers   Midi

  362. The Hollyford Jig   Midi

  363. Nell Kennedy   Midi

  364. Three Halfpence A Day   Midi

  365. Merry Mary   Midi

  366. Bolt The Door   Midi

  367. Ask My Father   Midi

  368. With All My Heart   Midi

  369. Get Up Early   Midi

  370. Dan Rogers Jig   Midi

  371. Tie The Petticoat Tighter   Midi

  372. Trip It Up Stairs   Midi

  373. Sgt Cahill's Favorite   Midi

  374. Moll In The Wad   Midi

  375. Tim The Thatcher   Midi

  376. Is It The Priest You Want   Midi

  377. Whiskey And Water   Midi

  378. The Humors Of Limerick   Midi

  379. Stack The Rags   Midi

  380. Tip The Cruiskeen   Midi

  381. Tatter The Road   Midi

  382. Hush The Cat   Midi

  383. The Bucks Of Westmeath   Midi

  384. The Beauties Of Ireland   Midi

  385. Off She Goes   Midi

  386. Smash The Windows   Midi

  387. Ellis's Jig   Midi

  388. Lock The Door   Midi

  389. Maguire's Kick   Midi

  390. The Bunch Of Roses   Midi

  391. The Humors Of Ballinafauna   Midi

  392. Kiss Me Sweetheart   Midi

  393. What Ails You   Midi

  394. Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself   Midi

  395. Child Of My Heart   Midi

  396. The Northern Road   Midi

  397. Come In From The Rain   Midi

  398. Behind The Bush In The Garden   Midi

  399. The Runaway Jig   Midi

  400. The Mariner's Frock   Midi

  401. The Humors Of Castleoliver   Midi

  402. The lady Of The Lake   Midi

  403. A Morning In Summer   Midi

  404. I'm A Silly Old Man   Midi

  405. Good Night   Midi

  406. The Lovely Lad   Midi

  407. Carbray's Frolics   Midi

  408. Cahill's Workshop   Midi

  409. The Shady Lane   Midi

  410. Barrack Hill   Midi

  411. The Rocky Road To Dublin   Midi

  412. Hardy Man The Fiddler   Midi

  413. The Swaggering Jig   Midi

  414. Tea In The Morning   Midi

  415. Will You Come Down To Limerick   Midi

  416. The Rakes Of Westmeath   Midi

  417. The Humors Of Ballymanus   Midi

  418. Roudledum   Midi

  419. Yellow Legs   Midi

  420. Give Us A Drink Of Water   Midi

  421. My Mind WIll Never Be Aisy   Midi

  422. The Fox Hunter's Jig   Midi

  423. The Boys Of Ballysadare   Midi

  424. A Whack At The Wigs   Midi

  425. The Irish Girl   Midi

  426. Sir Philip McHugh   Midi

  427. Terry Heigh Ho The Grinder   Midi

  428. Top The Candle   Midi

  429. Barndy Brallaghan   Midi

  430. Tipperary Hills   Midi

  431. Dever The Dancer   Midi

  432. I'm The Boy For Bewitching Them   Midi

  433. Hunting The Hare   Midi

  434. The Kid On The Mountain   Midi

  435. The Hawthorn   Midi

  436. Up And Down Again   Midi

  437. Another Jig Will Do   Midi

  438. Dublin Streets   Midi

  439. Dress Her Out In Fine Clothes   Midi

  440. Jerry Houlihan   Midi

  441. Moll Roe   Midi

  442. Come Up Stairs With Me   Midi

  443. A Fig For A Kiss   Midi

  444. Gurty's Frolics   Midi

  445. Cahiramee   Midi

  446. Scatter The Dew   Midi

  447. Comb Your Hair And Curl It   Midi

  448. Drops Of Brandy   Midi

  449. Open The Door For Three   Midi

  450. I Have A Wife Of My Own   Midi

  451. The Highway To Kilkenny   Midi

  452. Last Night's Fun   Midi

  453. Ride A Mill   Midi

  454. The Rakes Of Sollohod   Midi

  455. The Dusty Miller   Midi

  456. The Girl Who Broke My Heart   Midi

  457. The Humors Of Westport   Midi

  458. The Broken Pledge   Midi

  459. Repeal Of The Union   Midi

  460. The Milliner's Daughter   Midi

  461. Paddy Ryan's Dream   Midi

  462. Music In The Glen   Midi

  463. The Peeler's Jacket   Midi

  464. The Silver Tip   Midi

  465. The Bank Of Ireland   Midi

  466. Take Your Choice   Midi

  467. All Hands Around   Midi

  468. The Avonmore   Midi

  469. The Bantry Lasses   Midi

  470. The Merry Days Of Easter   Midi

  471. My Maryanne   Midi

  472. Leave My Way   Midi

  473. A Rainy Day   Midi

  474. Miss Crawford   Midi

  475. The Morning Star   Midi

  476. The Bucks Of Oranmore   Midi

  477. The Mourne Mountains   Midi

  478. The Bunch Of Green Rushes   Midi

  479. The Spinning Wheel   Midi

  480. Maude Miller   Midi

  481. The Green Mountain   Midi

  482. The Flogging Reel   Midi

  483. Kate Kelly's Fancy   Midi

  484. The New Demesne   Midi

  485. The College Grove   Midi

  486. Miss McDonald   Midi

  487. Buckley's Fancy   Midi

  488. Craig's Reel   Midi

  489. The New Mail Coach   Midi

  490. Sheehan's Reel   Midi

  491. The First Month Of Summer   Midi

  492. The Bloom Of Youth   Midi

  493. Johnny's Wedding   Midi

  494. The Youngest Daughter   Midi

  495. The Star of Munster   Midi

  496. The Macroom Lasses   Midi

  497. My Love Is Fair And Handsome   Midi

  498. Kitty Losty's Reel   Midi

  499. Captain O'Neill   Midi

  500. The Chorus Reel   Midi

  501. A Bright May Morning   Midi

  502. Toss The Feathers   Midi

  503. The Boys Of Ballinchalla   Midi

  504. The Ewe Reel   Midi

  505. The Templehouse   Midi

  506. The Messenger   Midi

  507. The Day We Paid The Rent   Midi

  508. Over The Bridge To Peggy   Midi

  509. The Ladie's Pantalletes   Midi

  510. Jim Moore's Fancy   Midi

  511. The New Policeman   Midi

  512. The Flower Of The Flock   Midi

  513. The Green Fields Of America   Midi

  514. The Boyne Hunt   Midi

  515. The Bush In Bloom   Midi

  516. The Mountain Lark   Midi

  517. The Steam Packet   Midi

  518. Peggy On The Settle   Midi

  519. The Five-Leaved Clover   Midi

  520. Colonel Fraser   Midi

  521. The Boys Of Portaferry   Midi

  522. The Clock In The Steeple   Midi

  523. The New Road   Midi

  524. The Reconciliation   Midi

  525. Tear The Calico   Midi

  526. Mary Grace   Midi

  527. Dillon Brown   Midi

  528. The Miller's Maid   Midi

  529. The Green Branch   Midi

  530. Far From Home   Midi

  531. Colonel Rodney   Midi

  532. The Ships Are Sailing   Midi

  533. John O'Neill's Reel   Midi

  534. Miss Thornton's Reel   Midi

  535. The Merry Sisters   Midi

  536. The Swallow's Tail   Midi

  537. Jacky Latin   Midi

  538. The Daisy Field   Midi

  539. Tom Steele   Midi

  540. Dillon's Fancy   Midi

  541. The Sligo Chorus   Midi

  542. The Dogs Among The Bushes   Midi

  543. Peter Kennedy's Fancy   Midi

  544. The Curragh Races   Midi

  545. Bonnie Kate   Midi

  546. London Lasses   Midi

  547. Follow Me Down   Midi

  548. Dan McCarty's Fancy   Midi

  549. The Musical Priest   Midi

  550. Ballinasloe Fair   Midi

  551. The Christening   Midi

  552. O'Dwyer's Reel   Midi

  553. The Miller's Daughter   Midi

  554. McFadden's Handsome Daughter   Midi

  555. Cunningham's Fancy   Midi

  556. Mary O'Neill's Fancy   Midi

  557. The Drogheda Lasses   Midi

  558. McFadden's Own Reel   Midi

  559. Johnny With The Queer Thing   Midi

  560. The Blackberry Blossom   Midi

  561. Jim Kennedy's Favorite   Midi

  562. The Flowing Bowl   Midi

  563. Lovely Molly   Midi

  564. More Luck To Us   Midi

  565. The Woman Of The House   Midi

  566. Sweet Biddy Of Ballyvourney   Midi

  567. Cahill's Courthship   Midi

  568. Joe Cant's Reel   Midi

  569. The Snow On The Hills   Midi

  570. Lawson's Favorite   Midi

  571. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel   Midi

  572. Roll Her On The Mountain   Midi

  573. The Fermoy Lasses   Midi

  574. The Happy Days Of Youth   Midi

  575. Miss Monaghan   Midi

  576. The Rose In The Garden   Midi

  577. The Old Pensioner   Midi

  578. The Reel Of Mullinavat   Midi

  579. MacLean's Favorite   Midi

  580. The Dancer's Delight   Midi

  581. Trim The Velvet   Midi

  582. Lough Allen   Midi

  583. Jennie Pippin   Midi

  584. The Leitrim Trush   Midi

  585. The Black Haired Lass   Midi

  586. My Love Is In America   Midi

  587. The Dublin Lasses   Midi

  588. Captain Kelly's Reel   Midi

  589. Beamish's Goat   Midi

  590. Casey The Whistler   Midi

  591. Downing's Reel   Midi

  592. A Cloudy Morning   Midi

  593. Thompson's Reel   Midi

  594. The Merry Harriers   Midi

  595. Pat Tuohy's Reel   Midi

  596. The Boys Of Galway   Midi

  597. The Wedding   Midi

  598. The Mason's Apron   Midi

  599. The Cashmere Shawl   Midi

  600. The Old Grey Gander   Midi

  601. Johnny's Welcome Home   Midi

  602. Jenny's Picking Cockles   Midi

  603. The Salamanca Reel   Midi

  604. The Star Of Kilkenny   Midi

  605. Kitty Got A Clinking Coming From The Races   Midi

  606. Tie The Bonney   Midi

  607. Tie The Ribbons   Midi

  608. The Rising Sun   Midi

  609. The Strawberry Blossom   Midi

  610. I Have No Money   Midi

  611. The First Of March   Midi

  612. Jack Dolan   Midi

  613. Dr. Taylor   Midi

  614. The Money Musk   Midi

  615. Your Mother's Fair Pet   Midi

  616. Molly Put The Kettle On   Midi

  617. The Boys Of Cappoquin   Midi

  618. The Magpie's Nest   Midi

  619. The Threepenny Bit   Midi

  620. How The Money Goes   Midi

  621. The Sailor's Jacket   Midi

  622. The Ivy Leaf   Midi

  623. An Ugly Customer   Midi

  624. The Dublin Reel   Midi

  625. The Sailor's Return   Midi

  626. Miss Johnson   Midi

  627. The Mills Are Grinding   Midi

  628. Jerry Hayes   Midi

  629. The Belfast Lasses   Midi

  630. The Lady Behind The Boat   Midi

  631. Touch Me If You Dare   Midi

  632. You Rogue You Dar'n't Meddle Me   Midi

  633. The Flax In Bloom   Midi

  634. The Wexford Lasses   Midi

  635. Pick Your Partner   Midi

  636. The Sligo Lasses   Midi

  637. McFadden's Mishap   Midi

  638. Nellie O'Donovan   Midi

  639. On The Sly   Midi

  640. The Four Courts   Midi

  641. The Four Courts   Midi

  642. The Man Of The House   Midi

  643. Julia Delaney   Midi

  644. The Highway To Limerick   Midi

  645. Colonel McBain   Midi

  646. The Collier's Reel   Midi

  647. The Maid That Dare Not Tell   Midi

  648. The Pigeon On The Gate   Midi

  649. Lord McDonald's Reel   Midi

  650. The Maids Of Mitchellstown   Midi

  651. Erin's Hope   Midi

  652. Molly, What Ails You?   Midi

  653. Tady's Wattle   Midi

  654. The Old Maids Of Galway   Midi

  655. Miss McLeod's Reel   Midi

  656. Sgt Early's Dream   Midi

  657. Push About The Jorun   Midi

  658. Maurice Casey's Fancy   Midi

  659. Young Arthur Daly   Midi

  660. Considine's Grove   Midi

  661. Sleepy Maggie   Midi

  662. Drowsy Maggie   Midi

  663. The Plaid Mantle   Midi

  664. The Humors Of Ballinacarrig   Midi

  665. The Harvest Field   Midi

  666. The Green Groves Of Erin   Midi

  667. The Scolding Wife   Midi

  668. The Mooncoin Reel   Midi

  669. Kiss Me Kate   Midi

  670. Lord Gordon's Reel   Midi

  671. Five Miles Away   Midi

  672. Within A Mile Of Clonbur   Midi

  673. The Drummond Lasses   Midi

  674. Johnny Has Gone To France   Midi

  675. The Bonnie Boy   Midi

  676. Dooley's Fancy   Midi

  677. The Second Wedding   Midi

  678. The Old Schoolmaster   Midi

  679. Around The World For Sport   Midi

  680. Mickey By The Fireside   Midi

  681. The Sailor's Cravat   Midi

  682. Coming Over The Hills   Midi

  683. The Reel Of Bogie   Midi

  684. The Limerick Lasses   Midi

  685. Miss Wallace   Midi

  686. The Hornless Cow   Midi

  687. Jenny's Welcome To Charley   Midi

  688. Tit for Tat   Midi

  689. The Lightning Flash   Midi

  690. Tim The Market Man   Midi

  691. The Ladies Of Leinster   Midi

  692. Comely Jane Doowning   Midi

  693. The Maid At The Churn   Midi

  694. A Moonlight Ramble   Midi

  695. Girls Will You Take Him   Midi

  696. Bill Clancy's Delight   Midi

  697. The Jolly Seven   Midi

  698. The Skibbereen Lasses   Midi

  699. The Humors Of Schull   Midi

  700. After The Sun Goes Down   Midi

  701. Farewell To Erin   Midi

  702. On The River Bank   Midi

  703. Fair-Haired Mary   Midi

  704. Pretty Peggy   Midi

  705. More Power To Your Elbow   Midi

  706. Green Garters   Midi

  707. Jenny's Wedding   Midi

  708. The Maid Of Athlone   Midi

  709. Keeper Hill   Midi

  710. Good Morning To Your Night Cap   Midi

  711. I'm Waiting For You   Midi

  712. O'Reilly's Greyhound   Midi

  713. Courting Them All   Midi

  714. The Green Jacket   Midi

  715. My Honey In The House   Midi

  716. McFadden's Favorite   Midi

  717. The Callan Lasses   Midi

  718. Are You Willing?   Midi

  719. The Traveller   Midi

  720. Kiss The Bride   Midi

  721. Duffy The Dancer   Midi

  722. Welcome Home   Midi

  723. The Linen Cap   Midi

  724. The Contradiction Reel   Midi

  725. The Smoky House   Midi

  726. Mollie McCarthy   Midi

  727. Rolling Down The Hill   Midi

  728. The Merry Blacksmith   Midi

  729. Scotch Mary   Midi

  730. Within A Mile Of Dublin   Midi

  731. The Cameronian Reel   Midi

  732. Winter Apple   Midi

  733. The Primrose Lass   Midi

  734. Shearing The Sheep   Midi

  735. Paddy's Surprise   Midi

  736. Captain Byng   Midi

  737. The Wind That Shakes The Barley   Midi

  738. The Piper's Son   Midi

  739. Turkeys In The Straw   Midi

  740. William White's Reel   Midi

  741. Murtough Molly   Midi

  742. The Field Of Oats   Midi

  743. The Humors Of Newcastle   Midi

  744. Paddy Murphy's Wife   Midi

  745. The Girl With The Laughing Eyes   Midi

  746. Give Us Another   Midi

  747. The Northern Lasses   Midi

  748. Clarkson's Reel   Midi

  749. Rakish Paddy   Midi

  750. The Mullingar Races   Midi

  751. The Jolly Tinker   Midi

  752. The Queen's Shilling   Midi

  753. Little Katie Kearney   Midi

  754. The Maid In The Sherry Tree   Midi

  755. The Watchmaker   Midi

  756. The Same Old Story   Midi

  757. The Fourpenny Bit   Midi

  758. The Jug Of Punch   Midi

  759. The Grey Plover   Midi

  760. My Sweetheart Jane   Midi

  761. Kiss Your Partner   Midi

  762. Corney Is Coming   Midi

  763. The Mountain Rose   Midi

  764. The Green Gates   Midi

  765. The Western Lasses   Midi

  766. Rolling On The Ryegrass   Midi

  767. The Four-Handed Reel   Midi

  768. The Flowers Of Limerick   Midi

  769. The Piper's Despair   Midi

  770. The Edenderry Reel   Midi

  771. The Old Bog Ground   Midi

  772. The Absent-Minded Woman   Midi

  773. The Hag By The Fire   Midi

  774. Johnny Allen's Reel   Midi

  775. The Maid Of Feakle   Midi

  776. The Humors Of Scarriff   Midi

  777. The Rambler In Cork   Midi

  778. The Maids Of Kilmallock   Midi

  779. The Heather Breeze   Midi

  780. Cooleen Bridge   Midi

  781. Captain Rock   Midi

  782. The Tinker's Reel   Midi

  783. The Maids Of Tulla   Midi

  784. The Gaelic Revival   Midi

  785. A Ha'Porth Of Tea   Midi

  786. Over The Moor To Maggie   Midi

  787. Bunker Hill   Midi

  788. The King Of The Clans   Midi

  789. Boil The Breakfast Early   Midi

  790. The Maid I Ne'er Forgot   Midi

  791. The Honeymoon Reel   Midi

  792. The Cup Of Tea   Midi

  793. Come West Along The Road   Midi

  794. The Long Strand   Midi

  795. The Teetotaler's Fancy   Midi

  796. Kitty In The Lane   Midi

  797. The Chicago Reel   Midi

  798. Mrs. Delaney   Midi

  799. Mayor Harrison's Fedora   Midi

  800. Miss Fahey's Fancy   Midi

  801. Clancy's Fancy Reel   Midi

  802. The Shaskeen Reel   Midi

  803. Peter Street   Midi

  804. Pay The Girl Her Fourpence   Midi

  805. Farewell To Ireland   Midi

  806. Chief O'Neill's Favorite   Midi

  807. The Greencastle Hornpipe   Midi

  808. The Cloone Hornpipe   Midi

  809. The Kildare Fancy   Midi

  810. Dunphy's Hornpipe   Midi

  811. The Rights Of Man   Midi

  812. Slievenamon   Midi

  813. Hennessy's Hornpipe   Midi

  814. The Quarrelsome Piper   Midi

  815. The Devil's Dream   Midi

  816. The Liverpool Hornpipe   Midi

  817. The Tinware Lass   Midi

  818. Hillside Cottage   Midi

  819. The Heather Glen   Midi

  820. Limerick Junction   Midi

  821. The Top Of The Morning   Midi

  822. Hick's Hornpipe   Midi

  823. Bantry Bay   Midi

  824. The Boys From Scarf   Midi

  825. Fisher's Hornpipe   Midi

  826. The Sailor's Hornpipe (Version 1)   Midi

  827. The Sailor's Hornpipe (Version 2)   Midi

  828. The Wicklow Hornpipe   Midi

  829. Miss Brown's Fancy   Midi

  830. The Men From Mallow   Midi

  831. McCarty's Hornpipe   Midi

  832. Big Dan O'Mahony   Midi

  833. The Trumpet Hornpipe   Midi

  834. The Mullingar Races   Midi

  835. The Kilkenny Hornpipe   Midi

  836. Jerry Daly's Hornpipe   Midi

  837. The Banks Of The Ilen   Midi

  838. Kit O'Mahony's Hornpipe   Midi

  839. The Boys Of Ballysimon   Midi

  840. Fair And Forty   Midi

  841. The Slipper Hornpipe   Midi

  842. O'Dwyer's Hornpipe   Midi

  843. The Groves Hornpipe   Midi

  844. The First Of June   Midi

  845. The Last Of The Twins   Midi

  846. Kitty's Wedding   Midi

  847. The Harvest Home   Midi

  848. The Echo   Midi

  849. Murray's Hornpipe   Midi

  850. McDermott's Hornpipe   Midi

  851. Glengariff Hornpipe   Midi

  852. The Sweep's Hornpipe   Midi

  853. Galway Bay   Midi

  854. Coming From The Wedding   Midi

  855. Cronin's Rambles   Midi

  856. Murphy's Hornpipe   Midi

  857. The Fair Maiden's   Midi

  858. The Little Stack Of Barley   Midi

  859. Off To California   Midi

  860. Thirty Years Ago   Midi

  861. Youghal Harbor   Midi

  862. Roger's O'Neill   Midi

  863. The Night We Made The Match   Midi

  864. The Pleasures Of Hope   Midi

  865. Byrne's Hornpipe   Midi

  866. Whiskey You're The Devil   Midi

  867. The Scholar   Midi

  868. The Soldier's Joy   Midi

  869. The Clover Blossom   Midi

  870. The Glasgow Hornpipe   Midi

  871. Old Man Quinn   Midi

  872. The Green Banner   Midi

  873. The Golden Vale   Midi

  874. The Honeysuckle   Midi

  875. The Star Hornpipe   Midi

  876. O'Connor's Fancy   Midi

  877. Sault's Own Hornpipe   Midi

  878. Tomorrow Morning   Midi

  879. Clark's Hornpipe   Midi

  880. The Peacemaker   Midi

  881. Father Dollard's Hornpipe   Midi

  882. The Sea Captain   Midi

  883. The Humors Of Ballyconnell   Midi

  884. Early In The Morning   Midi

  885. Julia's Wedding   Midi

  886. Bill Black's Hornpipe   Midi

  887. Whistling Mike   Midi

  888. The Spring Garden   Midi

  889. O'Donnell's Hornpipe   Midi

  890. Ballincollig In The Morning   Midi

  891. The Flowers Of Spring   Midi

  892. The Woods Of Kilkenny   Midi

  893. O'Donovan's Hornpipe   Midi

  894. The Friendly Visit   Midi

  895. Tim The Turncoat   Midi

  896. The Old Vest And Cravat   Midi

  897. The Lakeside Road   Midi

  898. The Boys Of Bluehill   Midi

  899. The First Of May   Midi

  900. Autumn Woods   Midi

  901. The Fiddler's Contest   Midi

  902. Bonaparte's Defeat   Midi

  903. Corney Drew's Hornpipe   Midi

  904. O'Connor's Favorite   Midi

  905. The Hunters Hornpipe   Midi

  906. The Fairies Hornpipe   Midi

  907. The Handsome Plowboy   Midi

  908. The Pet Of The House   Midi

  909. The Queen Of May   Midi

  910. The Man From Newry   Midi

  911. Spellan The Fiddler   Midi

  912. The Widow Catwell's Fancy   Midi

  913. The Cuckoo's Nest   Midi

  914. Higgin's Hornpipe   Midi

  915. Jack's The Lad   Midi

  916. Cooney's Hornpipe   Midi

  917. Gillespie's Hornpipe   Midi

  918. Back Of The Haggard   Midi

  919. The Mountains Of Kerry   Midi

  920. The Flowers Of Edinburgh   Midi

  921. The Red-Haired Boy   Midi

  922. The Fancy Fair   Midi

  923. The Wily Old Bachelor   Midi

  924. The Old Story Teller   Midi

  925. The Londonderry Hornpipe   Midi

  926. Hawk's Hornpipe   Midi

  927. Always Welcome   Midi

  928. Jim Boulton's Fancy   Midi

  929. John Carey's Daughter   Midi

  930. Where Did You Find Her   Midi

  931. Roger Was A Plowboy   Midi

  932. The Kilfinane Hornpipe   Midi

  933. Whiteney's Fancy   Midi

  934. The Seaman's Club   Midi

  935. The Humors Of Castle Bernard   Midi

  936. Durang's Hornpipe   Midi

  937. The Bantry Hornpipe   Midi

  938. Caroline O'Neill's Hornpipe   Midi

  939. The New Century   Midi

  940. Rick's Rambles   Midi

  941. The Horse And Jockey   Midi

  942. The Humors Of Ballinlass   Midi

  943. Beside A Rath   Midi

  944. Madam If You Please   Midi

  945. The Wren Hornpipe   Midi

  946. Biddy Early   Midi

  947. Swinging Around The Circle   Midi

  948. The Drunken Sailor   Midi

  949. Tomgraney Castle   Midi

  950. Galtee Mountain   Midi

  951. Paddy Mack   Midi

  952. The Sunshine Hornpipe   Midi

  953. Dick Sand's Hornpipe   Midi

  954. The Pleasures Of Home   Midi

  955. We'll Drink To Good Health   Midi

  956. The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering   Midi

  957. The Downfall of Paris   Midi

  958. Rodney's Glory   Midi

  959. The Rambling Rake   Midi

  960. The Funny Tailor   Midi

  961. The Three Captains   Midi

  962. Madame Bonaparte   Midi

  963. The Hurling Boys   Midi

  964. The Lodge Road   Midi

  965. Is The Big Man Within   Midi

  966. The Job Of Journey Work   Midi

  967. John Dwyer Of The Glens   Midi

  968. Rub The Bag   Midi

  969. The Jockey At The Fair   Midi

  970. The Barony Jig   Midi

  971. Hurry The Jug   Midi

  972. The Spalpeen Fanach   Midi

  973. Planxty Davis   Midi

  974. The Garden Of Daisies   Midi

  975. St. Patrick's Day   Midi

  976. The Hunt   Midi

  977. The Humors Of Bandon   Midi

  978. The Orange Rogue   Midi

  979. King Of The Fairies   Midi

  980. Bonaparte's Retreat   Midi

  981. The White Blanket   Midi

  982. The Bold Desertes   Midi

  983. Poll Ha'Penny   Midi

  984. The Blackthorn Stick   Midi

  985. The Blackbird   Midi

  986. The Fairy Dance   Midi

  987. Billy O'Rourke Is The Boy   Midi

  988. Follow Me Down To Carlow   Midi

  989. Tow Row Row   Midi

  990. Dancing The Baby   Midi

  991. The Kerry Jig   Midi

  992. The Humors Of Kilkenny   Midi

  993. The Merry Merchant   Midi

  994. A Sprig Of Shillelah   Midi

  995. Down The Hill   Midi

  996. The Wedding Of Ballyporeen   Midi

  997. Shuffle And Cut   Midi

  998. The Girl Of The Big House   Midi

  999. All The Way To Galway   Midi

  1000. High-Caul Cap   Midi

  1001. Garryowen   Midi