Mel Martin's Jazz and Saxophone Site
Cool jazz and sax site! Discography, transcriptions, links, and much more!

Jazz Guitar Technique
A new method to play complex Jazz chords, using just two fingers, in various neck positions. For Jazz, Latin, Blues, Soul and Funk styles. Learn improvised solos and fills, with increased fluidity. Jazz Master includes chord charts, tunings and scales, with fingerboard diagrams progressions. With free jazz MP3 screen saver to download. This free download will give you the Introduction and software used to compile The Jazz Master Guitar Technique.

Jazz Lounge
Some really cool jazz transcriptions -- if you're into jazz, be sure and check this place out!

Jazz Improvisation
"The series of articles below is part of the syllabus for Jazz Improvisation courses MUS 331 and 530 at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Instructor: Prof. Joan Wildman"

Jazz Resource Center
Much on Jazz -- scales, theory, and a whole slew of transcriptions (with solos for many different instruments!)

Original Jazz Charts
Like it says, original jazz charts. Many are posted by member of the Usenet group rec.music.bluenote.

Pierluigi Alessandrini
Jazz saxonophonist -- Most of the site is in Italian, but there's a lot of jazz sheet music here. I'm not sure, but I think I even found a jazz sheet for a french horn here!

Jazz Piano Lessons - For Free!
"The jazz piano lessons and techniques provided here will help you learn about jazz chords, scales, blues licks, and other tricks of the trade that professional jazz piano players use all the time. "

Jazz Fiddle Wizard
Martin Norgaard's site introducting his "Jazz Fiddle Wizard" book to be published by Mel Bay Books. Offers some audio clips, plus some sample sheet music and lessons from his lesson book.

Victor Morosco Jazz Saxophone
Offers some lessons with standard notation and tips, as well as sample sheet from many of Morosco's compositions (which are also available for purchase).

Classic Saxophone Online
What -- Sax on the Internet! Many nice PDF's, academic discussions, and musical notation samples of : "Music Study - Classical Saxophone Works, Music Study - Jazz, and Music Study - General"

The Outside Shore
Most cool -- MANY original jazz tunes, along with the sheet music gif's and accompanying midi files. Also offers an EXTENSIVE primer on jazz improvising!

PDS: Arrangements
PDS Music features the oustanding 6 and 9-piece band arrangements written by jazz trombonist Roland "Roy" Stefani (1925-1991), one of the "best-kept" secrets on the national music scene for years. Several GIF samples for trumpet, trombone, keyboards, and tenor sax.

JazzKids Music Program - Jazz music for all ages!
"JazzKids creates original jazz material for young students. These songs are fun, catchy, and easy to play. They help increase jazz awareness, improve aural recognition skills, and through our mission this method creates a well-rounded musician." Check it out -- a program for students and teachers, with some free downloads.

Outside Shore
This is a jazz site. Lots of sheet music, usually with chords, sometimes with vocals.

Sandra Phillips
Her original compositions "Sandy composes Instrumental music, where she blends together the style of Intimate, Jazz, R&B and Pop-rock "

Music lessons on jazz, blues, and improvisation. This is offered commercially -- you buy the class -- but many of the lessons are available free for downloading. Includes "text book" discussions of theory, along with sheet music GIF's. For example, he's got a very nice section on using pentatonics in improvisation. I figure if you get your pentatonics down, you can at least be adequate at improvising in jazz or blues style. Appears geared towards the sax player, but methods apply to all.

Cool Yule Tunes
Jazzy Christmas piano tunes. Alas, most are in a book that must be ordered, but one free tune is listed online.

Jazz Piano Lessons
Learn jazz piano online, at your own pace. This is a pay site, but the lessons are a cost effective solution for many perople. Try our free section first.

Call That Jazz
A musician's site for posting events and sharing resources. Interesting -- an MSN community that'll let interested parties share information. Let's see how it develops!

Austrian site -- for "Akkordeon, Blockflöte, Panflöte, Gitarre, Zither, Klavier, Percussion, Schlagzeug, Holz- und Blechbläser, Streicher u.a.), Ausgaben für Kammerensembles in verschiedenen Besetzungen, Holz- und Blechbläser- ensemble, Gitarrenorchester, Duette bis Quintette für Gitarre, Klarinette, Saxofon, Violine u.a., Ausgaben für Orchester, Streichorchester, traditionelle und symphonische Blasorchester, Jazzcombo, Bigband, sowie Tonträger und vieles mehr."

Jazz Scores Two
Part Two of Jazz scores listed in a Yahoo briefcase directory. Consider it like a jazz "fakebook". Over 150 pieces last I checked! (many popular, easy listening, rock tunes, too)

RYCUN Music Company
This site offers free, original lead sheets, charts, and sample scores all in PDF format. Complete MIDI and audio recordings are also included for many of the scores.

SheetMusicNow.com - download jazz sheet music
Download jazz sheet music from famous performing artists. Lead sheets from Chick Corea, Joe Lovano, Bob Berg, Dave samuels and others. Join our jazz community and check out the Artist Collections. Extensive unique content and additional information on composers and arrangers, personal notes, fingerings, articles etc.

a great place to get a hold of the charts you have always wanted but have never been able to find

Jazz Chord Studies for Saxophone
Twenty free lessons with Tim Price, a professional musician, jazz journalist and author. Reaching from Melodic Improvisation to Cord Changes and Blues Licks.

Music Students
"This is a place where musicians can find material to make practicing more fun. We provide sheet music with matching sound files - it's like having a band back you up! You can also improve your ear and your timing by playing along with these accompaniments. We have lots of free Classical, Jazz, and Exercises for you, so get ready to practice! "

Melody Diachun
Professional looking homesite of this Canadian vocalist and songwriter. Offers a PDF of her original "So Many Words" -- a Latin Jazzy number (love those flatted fifths and thirteenths!)

Jazzbone Records
This Jazz Crusading site asks "Where are our next generation of Duke Ellingtons going to come from? If jazz is to keep alive, new tunes must be written to keep new people interested, not rehash the old and go backwards!" Many original compositions in .jpg format.

Learn Jazz Piano
Offers basics, chord sheets, simple and advanced blues, walking bass, blues licks and advice on practicing." Standard notation lessons along with MP3 examples.

World Jazz
Online lessons, play-along MIDI files, discussion groups, even a "turn your computer into a drum machine" piece!

A Passion For Jazz! Music Commentary, History and Education
History of Jazz music origins, styles and musicians featuring photo gallery, timeline, festivals, webcasts, piano chords, scales, online lessons and teacher locator.

Sologuitar.us (Jazz Transciptions)
This website is dedicated to the performing solo guitarist. I have transcribed a number of songs loosely or completely based on various artist & styles.``You can hear the song, obtain the transcription (tablature), and hear me talk about the performance of each tune. ``Enjoy!

Eric Person's music
saxophonist is a composer of jazz and other modern styles. Five CD's out now. New CD Live At Big Sur.

Jazz pianist Franck Amsallem's official website
Jazz pianist Franck Amsallem's official website with bios in English and French, discography and quotes.

Jazz for Worship
Praise and worship songs based on scripture with a jazz/swing feel. All scores, midi & MP3 files can be downloaded freely.

Jazz for Worship
Praise and worship songs based on scripture with a jazz/swing feel. All scores, midi & MP3 files can be downloaded freely.

Online Personal Coaching via E-mail correspondence. Increase your knowledge of piano chords, scales, improvisation, technique, voicings, styling and more. All instruction is customized to your interests. Informal and fun!

Musicians Forum
Discuss jazz.Go check it out and join.

All jazz musicians
More of 1400 pics of great jazz musicians, sheets music, live clips, biographies, links, jazz & art

All Jazz Guitar
Free Sheets Music for jazz guitar

Mamuka Megrelishvili.
Personal Site of Composer Mamuka Megrelishvili.

A Music Forum
A music forum for musicians and music lovers.We have a section just for jazz.Go check it out and join!!!

Jazz Guitarist Bruce McKenzie
Smooth Jazz guitarist that has released two smooth jazz cds

Found Object Sculpture by Rene Hinds
Found Object Sculpture, both whimsical and functional, depiction living presences of musicians by the use of the debris of American culture.

Jazz Drums
the ride cymbal

Jazz Drums
The ride cymbal is one of the most played, it is going all through the composition. So you have to have the right sound and volume is very important too.Jazz drumming is an art that require instant ability to play behind different artists.You have to know to tunes and be able to change the feeling for the good of the performance.For more info. contact me.

Jazz portal for all things jazz. Showcase for new jazz musicians and compositions. Jazz news and history.

The Real Bottlenecking Co.
Jazz and Blues Slide Guitar. ``ALso has the Guitar Web. Where other music websites are listed for free.

Old Time Dixieland Jazz Band
Jazz Band from Switzerland - Founded 2002 - 7 musicians - Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenorsax, Trombone, Bajo, Fender Bass, Drums

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These resources include theory lessons, ear training tools, music software, and more. A useful hub for those seeking to expand their musical knowledge and skills beyond the sheet music available on the website.