A Drum Lessons Database
Links to over 250 free drum lessons on the net! An award winning site frequented by drummers and music educators worldwide. Neatly organized, easy to use, and updated weekly.

Drum Score Archive
This French site (but has English text)
has a nice offering of drum score PDF's.

Palmetto Drumline
It's the "homepage of the Miami Palmetto Senior High School Percussion Section!" Has a small number of so sheet music scores for percussion sections.

The Bodhran Page
Everything Bodhran -- calendar, pictures, recordings, making, history, buying, caring, playing, techniques, etc, etc.

Quick and Dirty Doumbek
Doumbeck "notation"! Includes a reading guide, plus notation for 13 basic doumbeck rhythms (Beladi, Ayoub, Masmoodi, Chiftatelli, Kashlimah, Guwazi, Falahi, Soufi, Serto, and Zar)

Kalani Music
Much drumming! Learn new rhythms (with notation), reprints of articles discussing polyrhythms, djembe drumming (including notation), and much more!

Drum Rhythm Transcriptions
Okay, so percussionists are people too. Jim offers a number of transcriptions of rhythm's he's learned over the years. This isn't rock 'n roll -- talking the real thing like African and Cuban rhythm's!

Selected djembe rhythms
A number of djembe rythyms, using the percussion equivalent of "tab" notation!

Much info, history, articles, and more on this historic Indian percussion instrument. Includes a user-submitted database of tabla "tab" notation for various rythyms (more than a thousand when I checked)

Djembe-L Faq
All things djembe. Lessons, rythyms, notation, warm-ups, repairs, discussion, etc.

Hudson Valley Regional Police Pipe and Drums!
Much for the Piper! Check out the bagpipe "Music Book" with JPG's and play-along MIDI's to aid your practice. Newsletter, articles, history, much more.

SheetMusicNow.com - download percussion sheet music
Download percussion sheet music from prominent publishers and famous performing artists. Join our percussion community and check out the Artist Collections. A wide range of free sheet music titles available.``A variety of genres with focus on classical sheet music. All instruments and difficulties.``Extensive unique content and additional information on composers and arrangers, personal notes, fingerings, articles etc.

Consacré aux partitions de batterie en solfège uniquement!!

Helbekah Drums
Drum Resources -- including rhythms and free sheet music for drums and percussion.

Forrest drum page
I have drum line,bells, and set music.I will teach you how to read music,drum stick grips,music,rudiments.I have links to free cyber lessons.I will teach you bell and drum songs.

Bagpipes & Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department
Our site has downloadable links to all of our arrangements - including traditional and not-so-traditional Great Highland Bagpipe tunes.

French Percussion Site
this is a website about drums scores (+160 scores)
``differents artists bands like Police, Metallica, The corrs...

The drum club
this is really kool snare beats.It also has set

A Ultimate Drum Links Site
Snare,drumline,set,all the links you can think of.If you have a link you want to submit you can.

Musicians Forums
Here are some realy cool forums.Go check them out and join.They are really helpful.

drum transcriptions, drummer interviews, drum solos/duets to print, and lots of reviews

Drums Etc.
A drum site with all sorts of stuff.its forum is http://drumsetc.proboards12.com

Drums Etc. Music Forum
A great music forum for all musicians and people who want to talk about music.Go check it out and join.

Drums Etc. Music Forum
A great music forum that has a piaon section.Go check it out and join.

Drums Etc. Music Forum
A great forum for all musicians and people who like music.Go check it out and join.

Drums Etc. Music Forum
A great music forum for all instruments.Go check it out and join.

Jazz Drums
the ride cymbal

Jazz Drums
The ride cymbal is one of the most played, it is going all through the composition. So you have to have the right sound and volume is very important too.Jazz drumming is an art that require instant ability to play behind different artists.You have to know to tunes and be able to change the feeling for the good of the performance.For more info. contact me.

Percussion group Dancing-Hands
Percussion group Dancing-Hands from Gießen Germany, african drumming with Djembe, Dundunba, Sangban, Kenkeni, Conga, Congas, Darabuka and more - information about Dancing-Hands, free scores, free sheet music notation, transcription of Djembe solo original and drum accompaniment

Old Time Dixieland Jazz Band
Jazz Band from Switzerland - Founded 2002 - 7 musicians - Clarinet, Trumpet, Tenorsax, Trombone, Bajo, Fender Bass, Drums

Musicians Vacant
Website for musicians to find a band to join or for bands to find the musicians they need

A Music Forum
A great music forum for drummer with lessons, music, and lots more. We have a friendly community that we want you to join. So come and check us out.

MadPadz Percussion Products
Quality practice pads with an innovative design. MadPads offer unsurpassed portability and versatility. Check out our website!

Steve Weiss Music
Large collection of percussion sheet music, method books, videos, and CDs. Also carry a full range of percussion products.

a really good drumming site

Spazzy's Official Drum Site
Great drummer site!

FlexiMusic Composer
Using FlexiMusic Composer even layman can compose own songs and tunes at home easily by mixing various music pieces and samples of your choice. Various sounds can be created with just one sample. Composed song can be export as a WAV file.

Music Tuition
All you need to know.

Hip Hop Drums Multi track Loops Fruity Loops MPC Sounds
Downloadable multi track loops, Roland Mv8000 Sounds, Software samples including free hip hop wav samples and drum sounds. Find Fruity loops, Hip Hop Drums & Drum Loops and mpc sounds including mpc 1000, 2000, 2000xl, 3000, 4000 and other mpc sounds on P5Audio.

all about the drumming world

Site about me and my drumming. I'm a Drum Instructor in South carolina

Tammy's Sites

Snare Science
This site is an educational tool for rudimental snare drummers. The content includes:````-snare exercises with explanations``-snare articles``-snare books and dvds

New Zen Music
A couple of downloadable pieces for drum set and drum corps.

Drumless Music
Site full of drumless music tracks for your playing pleasure!

Free Full Length Sample Drumless Track
minusDrums provides drumless heavy rock, metal, and extreme metal drumless song and tracks for practice.````The site has a free full length sample track on the front page.

Drum Survival
Includes Drum Survival Toolbox (and tips), live recording tips, blog, and more.

Free percussion sheet music
Free arrangements and scale books

Groove-E FREE Drum Transcriptions & Lessons!
Some of the grooviest drum transcriptions and lessons on the web with lots of famous grooves and solos transcribed. Also check out the great Groove-E Transcription Pages and Video Lessons Course if you are looking for some great practice material! Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl and lots more great drummers featured here!

The Drum Notebook
Drum sheet music

More listings

These resources include theory lessons, ear training tools, music software, and more. A useful hub for those seeking to expand their musical knowledge and skills beyond the sheet music available on the website.