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By: James Peterson

In this article we will talk about the musical instruments in the woodwind family. These have always been instruments of interest because they are some of the most natural instruments available to play. Most people enjoy playing these instruments for this reason.

The piccolo, flute, oboe, English horn, bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone are all instruments of the woodwind family. Most of these instruments were made of wood. Now, they have evolved and are made from all sorts of material, however, the essence is still the same for each instrument. Basically, they still play in the same way. Because they are played by blowing air or with wind, they are called the woodwind family of musical instruments.

The designs of the musical instruments woodwind family are all made from a tube with holes in the tube. When the holes are covered up, the air goes all the way to the end of the tube. This results in a different sound being played. When the holes are open and nothing is over them, the air goes only a little way and the instrument makes a high sound. The instrument with the shortest tubing and the highest sound is known as the piccolo. The notes of these instruments can be further increased by using different shapes and sizes. This is why the saxophone can be shaped different and can come in a variety of forms.

Further information on musical instruments woodwind family

These instruments are perfect if you want your child to get in to musical instruments. Many children across the world are fascinated with these instruments and start playing them from an early age. Some lose interest, but many do not. You will often find that these children go on to play more musical instruments as they grow up and gain a general interest in playing musical instruments.

The woodwind family of instruments makes sounds in different ways. The flute makes a sound by blowing air across the holes on the instrument. The clarinet and saxophone generally use a single piece of cane. These canes vibrate producing a sound. The oboe, English horn, and the bassoon used a double piece of cane that vibrated against each other resulting in different types of sounds.

We love the woodwind family of musical instrument, they are the most natural of musical instruments, and possible some of the oldest musical instruments available. Although today they have been modernized, nothing beats using them in their old fashioned form from the structure of fresh cane. This concludes our article on musical instruments woodwind family.

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