Finding The Flute

Musical instruments vary greatly, usually much more greatly than we realize, and when searching for the perfect musical instrument for our playing pleasure, sometimes it.s worth it to dig around a little bit to find the version that best works for you. One of the most versatile musical instruments is the flute. It doesn.t take much to find a flute that is unique, beautiful, and artistic.

The Mayan Indians created a flute known as the vessel flute. This musical instrument resembles more of an intricate whistle than a modern day flute, but it creates a very unique sound. Replicas of the vessel flute are still played today.

The musical instrument we know as a recorder is actually a type of flute, and has numerous variations. The recorder is typically played straight down instead of perpendicular to the mouth, but with a lot of practice, it can sound just as beautiful as the present day modern flute.

The transverse flute is bit different from most flutes. This musical instrument does not have a straight edge like its cousins, but instead the round edge creates a symbiotic mouth hole and finger holes, which produces an interesting and sweet sound. Most flutists find this particular version of their musical instrument very difficult to play at first. However once they adjust, they do find that the musical instrument known as the transverse flute is just as endearing as its younger cousin, the modern day flute.

The oblique, vertical, and notched flutes all are very similar to each other, and each represents this group of musical instruments with class, dignity, and style. The oblique flute is named after its head, which has been obliquely cut. It has a tremendously long body and plays a little lower than most of its cousins. Most present day oblique flutes are played with a host of various musical instruments in Bulgaria. The notched flute and the vertical flute are nearly identical to each other, with the only real difference between the two being the head. These two musical instruments are only different from the oblique flute via the head differences and somewhat shorter bodies than the oblique flute.

Regardless of which musical instrument you end up playing, the flute offers such a large family that most people can discover something they didn.t know about the flute family of musical instruments. It.s fun to explore all of the families of musical instruments when deciding on which one to play.

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