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  • Stringstuff Free Sheet Music Lots of violin, viola, cello sheet music -- especially designed for teachers and students. Some solo, some multi-part. The pieces are some of the webmaster's favorites for use with her string students.
  • Light Folksongs from East Europe Very nice! A coupla dozen (and growing) collection of folksongs, standard notation gifs, some midi play-along. Most are at least four parts (violin, viola, cello, and piano).
  • Violin Center Nice -- etude's, also right and left hand pictures!
  • Violin Acoustics No sheet music, but some nice scholarly (but easy to understand) articles on violin acoustics from the Musical Acoustics Group at the School of Physics of the University of New South Wales.
  • Sue Anton's Violin Site Not a sheet music site -- instead, it promotes Sue Aston's violin CD -- and offers RealPlayer transcriptions of the 16 tracks. Also contains tips and techniques. Really wonderful violin music -- if you have RealPlayer, give it a listen (and if you don't, you can download a free copy at this site!)
  • Len & Regina's Homepage "In addition to being a resource of useful fiddle (and violin) links, this page is also the place to come for quality, FREE, violin scale charts produced by my FiddleScales program."
  • Violin by Diana Barnum Plus if you join up to become a free member of while there, they have prizes of $$$ to give away! Great for any starving artists out there!
  • Internet Cello Society A number of cello articles and exercises for cellists.
  • A Survey of Bach Suite Editions A nice research article by Tim Finholt. Compares a number of the various editions of Bach's cello pieces. Contains sheet music excerts.
  • Carl Flesch Tribute Site No sheet music, but very nice for any violin player. Professional and personal information about Carl Flesch, including a list of publications and a discography.
  • The Way Famous String Instruments Went Jose Sanchez-Penzo's page -- details famous stringed instruments and their history. A lot of fun.
  • Instrument Maintenance with respect to Strings A monograph on aspects of instrument maintenance that relate to the strings.
  • Violinland Mailing List Something a little different. This is a "mailing list" you can join. Once joined, you'll begin to receive emails from other members on various violin related subjects. Sometimes a good source of information -- plus it's a good place to ask questions!
  • Fiddle - Lesson Notes and Songs Really nice for beginners, intermediates, students, etc. A number of gif's of different styles of tunes, plus scales and exercises. Well done!
  • Beginning Adult Violin Students A Yahoo mailing list newsgroup intended for ... well, beginning adult violin students! This is a nice newsgroup -- just the right amount of traffic, plus lots of questions and answers of interest to violin students of the adult persuasion. Some great tips on strings, vibrato, practicing, etc, etc. Also, they load some nice ABC tunes in their ONELIST shared files directory. You have to join the list to access the files, but the messages make joining really worthwhile.
  • Vannessa-Mae Sheet Music In Acrobat format. Includes Mason Williams classic "Classical Gas" transcribed for violin!
  • Mr Fiddle Good for beginners, offers MIDI files and "play-along" sheet music. Not all songs have sheet music -- however, you can save the MIDI files and print them out in sheet music notation with a number of different packages.
  • Westbury Park Strings From the United Kingdom. No downloadable music, but they have a study page of recommended etudes for violinists of all skill levels. I've found this VERY handy! I've really enjoyed this page. Lots of other good student tips, guides, and articles here.
  • Ed Baggot's Some really nice, fresh transcriptions in GIF format. (of interest primarily to those who enjoy fiddle music and old-time country dance)
  • Free Sheet Music of All Sorts Classical and broadway tunes! Lots for string quartets, too.
  • Fiddle tunes in ABC Format A page full of ABC fiddle tunes. The abc tunes are actually shown on the HTML web page, so you'll have to cut-and-paste to put them into text files.
  • Some Fiddle Tunes Four books of ABC tunes. Some nice stuff, I suspect the "books" can be read straight into ABC2WIN or other ABC packages.
  • Scottish fiddle music Free sheet music and information on Scottish fiddle tunes
  • Traunmusik Austrian site -- for "Akkordeon, Blockflöte, Panflöte, Gitarre, Zither, Klavier, Percussion, Schlagzeug, Holz- und Blechbläser, Streicher u.a.), Ausgaben für Kammerensembles in verschiedenen Besetzungen, Holz- und Blechbläser- ensemble, Gitarrenorchester, Duette bis Quintette für Gitarre, Klarinette, Saxofon, Violine u.a., Ausgaben für Orchester, Streichorchester, traditionelle und symphonische Blasorchester, Jazzcombo, Bigband, sowie Tonträger und vieles mehr."
  • Scottish Fiddle Tunes Nice collection of Scottish Fiddle/Violin tunes in standard notation and also in audio files (Great to help you play along with the notation!) Nice collection, nicely done!

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