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  • Winged Harper Home of The Harp Ring. No music yet, but there is an article on building a case for your harp.
  • John Sankey, Harpsichordist The purpose of this publication is to enable as many harpsichordists as possible to play Scarlatti's music as he would have played it.
  • Music Tuition: Harp, Piano, Violin, Keyboards Music theory, studies, and free sheet music pieces for both Harp and Piano
  • Valkyrie Publications: Music for the Harp Song books and sheet music for harp and voice: Irish folk songs, Christmas carols, old hymns, new Christian music, and songs inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, and Julian of Norwich. Level: easy to intermediate. Two Mass settings are available free on the site.
  • Free Blues Harp Tabs the web's largest source of tabbed for harp blues classics. over 600+ blues classics, plus reviews of commerically produced books on blues harmonica techniques, for both beginner and intermdeiate/advanced, books on riffs and licks, links to teachers, etc. enough info to make each song individually yours.
  • Cross Harp Chronicles An archived online publication serving the harmonica playing community. Site includes 400+ blues classics tabbed for harmonica. Enough additional info on site through reviews/recommendations to make songs distinctively yours.
  • A place to find and share all of your harmonica tabs. We also have a mobile interface so you can get your songs from anywhere.
  • RowyNet Free sheet music of new classic compositions for harp.
  • Contemporary Harp Music Contemporary harp music works by Andres, Damase, Otten, Salzedo, Argento performed by harp duets
  • Lior Navok, Contemporary Classical Music Composer Modern, contemporary compositions for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet,``Trombone, Tuba, Recorder, Accordion, Harmonica, Harp,``Piano, Harpsichord, Percussion, Classical Guitar, Violin,``Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass/Baritone.
  • Harp Tabs Lots of harp tabs
  • Harp Depot is a primary internet reseller of harmonicas and``harmonica accessories, and a secondary internet reseller of other``musical instruments and accessories.
  • free sheet music and lead sheet tutorial for harp Home of the Andres Notation Project, free sheet music and resources for harp as well as music for sale for solo harp, harp ensemble and horn and harp.
  • Reigning Harps Some of the on-going features of the newsletter include an events calendar, a directory of performers and teachers, ads for harps and harp equipment, a listing of regional harp circles, quarterly featured harp music, and more.
  • Doh Re Mi This area is intended to be a regularly updated page containing a whole host of sheet music, studies, technical tips, projects, theory tips, games and quizlets - all free for you to use and share (for non-profit use only please).
  • Free Harp Sheet Music Here's some free harp sheet music for you to enjoy. The free harp sheet music comes courtesy of Corrina Hewat. Check out her CDs and brilliant harp music book. For more information please see our information on the harp guide or check out our harp music section. Check back regularly as we will add new harp sheet music.
  • Sheet Music and Resources for Pedal and Lever Harps Sheet Music and Resources for Pedal and Lever Harps
  • Harp Music Now In addition to harp sheet music downloads the website offers classified ads, video harp lessons and Maryjean’s blog “What’s On Your Stand?,” in which she reviews a variety of harp music and books available from harp retail stores
  • Early Gaelic Harp Info The medieval Gaelic harp of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is a familiar sight: the national symbol of Ireland, stout trademark, and Scottish cultural icon. Its strings are brass, silver and even gold wire, and its soundbox is carved from a single block of willow.````The ancient Gaelic harp is completely different from the familiar modern Celtic harp.

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