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  • The Virtual Tunebook Several dozen short jigs, gavottes, hornpipes, reels, etc. Online GIF's, plus several midi's. Hear the tune while you try to play it!
  • Free Celtic Sheet Music Free downloads (PDF and MIDI) of Francis O'Neill's "Music of Ireland", "Dance Music of Ireland", and "Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melodie" -- over 3,000 tunes!
  • Lutheran Hymnal -- Midi Hymns Very very nice -- even versions of Celtic tunes done as organ midi hymns. "These are the traditional songs of worship and praise from Lutheran Hymnals presented in midi, in mp3, in lyrics and in sheet music. "
  • Otter's abc Music Links Links to several dozen "abc" sites
  • Bits Plucked from the Air ABC Tunes; A nice, large selection of ABC's. Organized nicely, then presented in text form so you can cut and paste easily.
  • Celtic Guitar Glenn Weiser's site, offers free GIF's of guitar and harmonica arrangments from his series of Mel Bay books. (A new tune each month!)
  • Wild Dismay! Check out "Wild Dismay's" set list in ABC format!
  • Northumbrian Traditional Music "This webpage will examine the unique traditional music of Northumbria, an area encompassing the modern counties of Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. The site includes sheet music, guitar tabulature, abc notation and midi files. There is also a page which looks at the issue of performance anxiety."
  • Stephen Klein's Fiddle Web Page Nice site dedicated to Canadian Celtic fiddlers. Contains a number of ABC tunes.
  • Celtic Midi Links A "links" page to many celtic midi sites
  • Introduction to ABCs Great Cape Breton tunes in ABC format
  • Cape Breton Music Lots of Cape Breton Links
  • Cranford Publications Lots of Cape Breton / Celtic tunes. Many free GIF's.
  • Scottish Music Pages ABC's of a few dozen Scottish tunes
  • Traditional-style tunes by contemporary composers in abc format Links to original composers who've put their compositions in "abc" format.
  • John Sherman's Celtic Guitar Page "Celtic guitar, simply put, is that body of music arranged for guitar that includes the traditional musical repertoire of the Celtic regions of Europe (primarily Ireland and Scotland, but also including Wales, Brittany, the Isle of Man and Galicia) or that can claim to be influenced by it." Describes modal tuning, offers jpg's of sample tunes (hey, it's treble clef -- try it with your fiddle!)
  • Northumbrian Traditional Music Fiddle, Guitar, and Song! Sheet music, tabs, and ABC's of "the unique traditional music of Northumbria, an area encompassing the modern counties of Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland."
  • Eric Foxley's Searchable Music Database "We maintain a database of over 1000 traditional British related folk dance tunes. All are stored using the Nottingham ASCII format. They arose from an original core forming the repertoire of Freds Folks Ceilidh Band. The music is now available as PDF files. "
  • The Virtual Tunebook A nice collection of tunes. All stored as Gif's. Also has some Midi clips -- helps if you're still learning to read musical notation.
  • Kitchen Musician "Historical Celtic, English and American Tunes``Hammered Dulcimer Friendly and also playable on fiddle, mandolin, tinwhistle, recorder, flute, etc. ``Downloadable as sheet music GIF files or as MIDI files"
  • John Chambers' ABC music collection If you are a musician who is interested in a simple, portable, plain-text music notation with software that will run just about anywhere, you might be at one of the right sites.
  • Ishmael's Music Page. What it says. Check out his Sheet Music link and the Morris Tunes.
  • An ABC Library of Morris Tunes More Morris style tunes; a library in ABC format. Sorted by English village (What a clever idea!)
  • Ceolas "Welcome to Ceolas, the home of celtic music on the internet, since 1994. Ceolas houses the largest online collection of information on celtic music, and has links to hundreds of related sites. "
  • TuneIndex search Massive Book Index - No downloadable sheet music, but a massive index of tunes and books. IF you need to find a tune (and haven't found it to download), the search index here can help point you to the right book.

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