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  • Jeff Covey's Guitar Scores A good (and growing) number of classical guitar scores -- some original, too!
  • Metal Madness "A resource for guitar tablature, fully tabbed albums supplied instead of just the usual popular songs."
  • 22 Free Interactive Guitar Lessons Free lessons 24 hours a day -- includes the "Riff Vault"!
  • Taboholic Guitar tabs you can listen to. Upload your tab and convert it instantly to MIDI. Browse the large collection of tab+MIDI files.
  • Sheet Music for Guitar Original compositions by Theo Radic
  • Lady Six String Great concept! Focuses on guitarslingers of the gentler half! Downloads, MP3's, Resources, even playing tips specific for the ladies.
  • The MIDI Cafe 1000+ Quality MIDI files for free Download
  • [E-TABS] Guitar Tabs Archive More than 30,000 guitar tabs``A new tab every hour!
  • Classical Guitar MP3's and transcriptions
  • Maximum Musician Guitar lessons for beginners on up. Shows where to find ``free guitar info and how to turn practicing into playing. ``Free newsletter, downloads, tabs, and articles.
  • Mega Incredible prices on electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, amps, huge
  • Crying Guitars the best site on the wbe free score classical flamenco and juzz
  • Nigel Gatherer's Mandolin Tablature Loads of mandolin tablature by genre, including Scottish Tunes, Shetland Tunes, American Tunes, Irish Tunes, and Misc Tunes.
  • chitarre acustiche italian acoustic guitar web portal
  • Mustafa Kemal Duzgoren A very ambitious collection of classical guitar notation in TablEdit, MIDI, and PDF formats. Looks like a really nice resource for the classical guitarist (or wannabe!)
  • Screamingfingers Guitar Guitarists, learn how to systematically increase your picking speed without practicing and performing your mistakes. LEARN TO SOLO AT A SCREAMING, MIND-NUMBING,``FINGER-SHREDDING, GUITAR-SHATTERING 15 NOTES A SECOND!
  • Guitar Strings by Smart Sounds Guitar and other strings for bass, viola, violin, mandolin, banjo, dobros, dulcimer, cello, pedal steel, from Ernie Ball, Everly, Martin, Savarez, Pirastro, Darco, Googalies Kyser and Shubb.Try Smart Sounds the online shop with a large and fantastic choice of strings.
  • House of Shred "My site includes information on guitar and music instruction, online lessons, referrals, studio works, A college ranking for the best guitar programs, etc"
  • Instant Power Tabs Accurate Power Tabs for classic rock and blues tunes. Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Ray Vaughan Power Tabs listed by album.
  • Free Classical Guitar Scores with Tablature "My name is Martin Wells, a classical guitarist from the UK. I have recently``been transcribing some classical pieces to include a tablature staff as well``as the traditional music staff system. All pieces of music are available for``download in PDF format FREE OF CHARGE, and there is usualy an accompanying``midi or mp3 file so that the user can listen to the pieces."
  • Free Parlor and Classical Guitar Downloads. 19th century popular music arranged for guitar solo as well as music written for the guitar by a variety of composers is available. All Public Domain Music is in PDF format.
  • DE GITAARSUFFERD "A website with lyrics and chords, meant for the beginning or less talented guitar player." In English and Dutch (with Dutch songs, too!)
  • Miss Donna Austin Free music videos -- dude, this lady is for real; she can flat out play!
  • Music Theory Lessons - Guitar and Bass This web site offers free lessons on the basics of music theory including pentatonic and modal scales, chords, melody and harmony, and more. Taught for guitar and bass players.
  • Guitar Noise - Free Guitar Lessons Online Loads and loads of cool lessons and theorgy -- all free!

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