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  • Free Folk Rock Sheet Music with MIDI Previews Download free folk rock sheet music previews with lyrics and MIDI music online here. Listen to highlighted notes while guitar tabs and piano notes scroll along your PC or Mac display screen.
  • Mamuka Megrelishvili. Personal Site of Composer Mamuka Megrelishvili.
  • Al 'Ud - The Oud Loads of information and sheet music for the Oud -- kind of an Arab lute. Lots of Arab and Turkish sheet music.
  • Todo Tango Tons and tons of tango sheet music! Scans of printed manuscripts, including scans of the front cover.
  • Pure Country Music Home of the world’s leading source for Classic Country Music.
  • Vintage Banjos We offer a wide selection of tenor,plectrum and 5 string banjos also mandolins.``We also offer a banjo informational page.``Thank you
  • Irish Tin Whistles and Irish Flutes Your source for quality Irish Tin Whistles, Irish Flutes, Penny Whistles and Bodhráns.
  • Argentine Folk Music for choirs Choral arrangements by Julio Cesar Reynaga, an Argentine choir's conductor. PDF and MIDI
  • Balla Con Noi (Dance with us) Free sheets and midi files of Italian folk and popular music.
  • Fiddle With ViolinWorks Best Fiddle Tunes with Bowing and Fingering Tips, Tune Histories $0.99 FREE samples. FREE mp3's. FREE fiddler's warm-ups. Also: Classical, Ragtime, Folk, Tango arrangements
  • folkfun - new music publication for violin, viola, cello & flute folkfun is a new publication for violin, viola, cello & flute with colourful, professional cd backing tracks. Free downloadable track available now - sheet music and cd track.
  • Banjo Wizard You might recognize Bill Palmer (webmaster) as Merlin the magician for 25 years at the Texas Renaissance Festival. He's also a musician with a cool banjo page with a good section on banjo setups.
  • free folklore sheet music This site offers free scores for those, who like folklore dances.
  • Bulgarian Folk Music Online Bulgarian Folk Sheet Music. An online catalog of PDFs including Bulgarias most popular folk sheet music. Free Samples available for every piece!
  • Ukelele Lesson Several chapters of ukelele lessons -- including chord charts
  • Alligator Boogaloo - Ukelele A really fun site, neat commentary, kind of like a witty blog with lots of uke songs and charts.
  • Harmonicas and Stuff Loads of harmonica's and accessories for sale, plus lots of free harmonica tips!
  • Harp Tabs Lots of harp tabs
  • Shanson The largest musical resource about a genre Russian chanson. Archive more than 7000 albums! DVD-mp3 disks!
  • Oud - Nikos Dimitriadis A web site about the musical instrument Oud, or Ud, Lute, where Nikos Dimitriadis, from Greece is describing and plays various improvisations.(Taqasims). The roots, of the musical instrument Oud, can be found through time, before 3500 years ago in Persia, where it was called Barbat (oud).
  • Asia music club Music Talk - asia music forum. Have you found a fantastic new album Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean? Know of a great-but-unknown group coming through ATL? Tell us about it! ...
  • Fiddle with ViolinWorks Best Fiddle Tunes with Bowing and Fingering Tips, Tune Histories $0.99CAD/$.85US FREE samples. FREE mp3's. FREE fiddler's warm-ups. Also: Classical, Ragtime, Folk, Tango arrangements.
  • Celtic ViolinWorks Attractive and very playable arrangements of Celtic Music for Violins, optional Viola, Cello, Flutes (or pennywhistle) and ad. lib. Keyboard/Bass. FREE violin parts. FREE mp3's. FREE cover sheets with history and performance tips. Also: Classical, Folk, Ragtime/tango/jazz arrangements. Suitable for performances, receptions and high school groups. FREE Warm-ups, tips on Bowing and Fingering. Also: Fiddle section.
  • Breizh Partitions - Free Celtic Music Scores The free Celtic music scores website - standard notation, abc, and midi scores for Accordion, Bombard, Bagpipe, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Fiddle, and others.
  • Online independent music resources for independent music artist It gives an oppurtunity to independent music artist, unsigned artists, jazz artist or new music artist for online auditions and sell music online. indieTunes empowers indie artists of allgenres by offering the highest payback anywhere in the world.

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